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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to our page!

Let's start by introducing ourselves to you. My name is Patrick and my wife Christine and I are from sunny south Florida where we live year round. We are avid cruisers and travelers, everywhere from the islands in the Caribbean to the mountains of New England and soon to the sites of Spain and Italy!

Before we ever started with our addiction to cruise like many others a place to visit on just about every occasion was Disney World here in Florida. Since it's only a short 3 hour ride (depending on who's driving) it is an easy getaway for us for a weekend or longer. I (Patrick) have been going to Orlando since I was a small kid and always had a passion about it. Christine on the other hand went for the first time back in 2010 when she first fell in love with the mouse!

That takes care of going on land, now to cruising! Well let's back up for a quick second to how we booked our first ever cruise. Back in 2009 I proposed to Christine (on New Years Eve) inside of a PF Changs over dinner. One of the best moments of my life. From that point on we were planning everything possible for getting married. Flowers, cakes, dresses, suits...everything! But one thing remained undone and that was a honeymoon. Options for the most part were endless and since we love to over analyze everything we do and talk ourselves out of doing certain vacations at times.

We looked at doing Disney World for a week, Hawaii, name it we looked. Then we strolled on a paperback brochure from a wedding expo. Not just an everyday brochure but a brochure from Royal Caribbean showcasing their Oasis & Allure of the Seas. That caught our attention for sure. So neither one of us ever cruised before and it looked fun. So we looked at several lines and finally strolled upon the Carnival Valor. A week long cruise that went all over the Caribbean. Lucky for us we had chance to get one of the best Cruise Directors in the business, Josh Waitzman aka Big Sexy. If anyone who has been on a ship with him you know how much fun him and his staff can be. We became really good friends.

Since our first cruise we feel in love with the whole concept of leaving from Miami and waking up the next day in the Bahamas then the next in Jamaica. You don't even have to leave the ship or even your room if you don't want to. You can stay put and watch the world from a small porthole.

We originally started this blog for cruising, however over time our vacations have expanded to land and everything in between. We figure why not share our travels with the world!

So enjoy our cruise/travel blog and make sure to sign our Guest Book (to the right). Also feel free to go to our Facebook page (below is the link) and LIKE us! Don't forget to tell your friends and family!