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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to our page!

My name is Patrick, and my wife Christine and I are avid travelers. We love enjoying our time on vacation and experiencing new travels. We originally started this blog for our cruising addition, however over the years we've been going so many other places and wanted to add them to this blog.

Our blog is meant to be a great resource of our travels. Giving anyone who reads it a good feeling of what it was like for us on that vacation, both the good and bad. We want you to feel by reading our review and seeing our pictures that you can imagine yourself being there.

Since cruising is just a small part of our travels, we've also extended some of our travels onto other dedicated pages. We thought about putting them onto here, but wanted to keep it separate to make it easy, we will have links below so make sure to visit those as well. Here is a few of our other pages.

Disney Addict Junkie
Another blog we have is our Disney blog, which started out as a focus on Disney, however we've added other things we do. Everything from other theme parks and attractions, all the way to some really fun dining options here in Orlando. This is a really good resource if you're planning a trip to Orlando and you're wanting something other than the theme parks, or if you're a Disney Junkie then this will also be fun! The link to check this site out is at the top of this paragraph titled "Disney Addict Junkie".

YouTube Channel
Our other venture is on our YouTube channel. As of now it's a self-titled channel, but eventually we'd like to come up with a catchy name for it. We started this channel to go more in detail with a video perspective on our travels. Make sure to check it out and also Subscribe to our channel and see what else we're up to!

As you can see we are very busy and have to go onto our next adventure, so make sure to keep checking in for something new!