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Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort (July 2016)

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort
900 Cayman Way, Orlando, FL 32830
(July 2016)

The resort was a little dated for us. Wasn't one of our favorites, we did check out several other Disney resorts during our stay. We stayed in the Jamaica building 45, which was one of the closest to the bridge to get to the hub of the resort, so that was actually really convenient. That was about a 5 to 10 minute walk from our room, also from our room to bus stop was close to the same. So all and all not a bad location. Parking was very spacious and never left our spot once we got there. Also out of any hotel we ever stayed at this was the first one that we never went to the main check in (or check out) lobby, never even saw it. We pre-checked in so we received a text when our room was ready. Check out they called and said we will receive a statement the check out morning, which we did and that was it. Super easy.

The first night we got there we went to Shutters which is at the main hub along with a few shops and quick service venues. Food was good, service was horrible, waitress was not good at all. We did try other food and it was actually really good as well. Most of the staff was very friendly.

The desk in the building you were able to buy tickets and setup the fast past for the parks. Everything went straight to the magic bands, which was good. 

Here's a tip if you want to see some fireworks. Around 8:30pm - 9-ish if you're near the main hub area (Caribbean Cay) then you will just have to keep an eye out because they will shoot off from Epcot and another area, goes for a half hour to an hour, just depends. Really close to Epcot.

Getting around was easy to the parks, they have times at the stops for the buses, which never took too long at all. Overall the resort was decent, nothing too bad. We realized after visiting some of the higher-end Disney resorts that we prefer things to be closer to where we are staying.

 (The central hub of the resort)

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