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Carnival Glory (Nov 2012)

Carnival Glory
Carnival Glory
3-Night Bahamas
11/15/12: Miami, Florida
11/16/12: Nassau, Bahamas
11/17/12: Freeport, Bahamas
11/18/12: Miami, Florida

"First cruise after dry dock. Good or bad?"

This was our second time on the this year. It was half the time however then our first voyage. We went as my (Patrick) Christmas gift from my wife (Christine). We had been waiting to board for weeks, watching the Dry Dock process from start to finish. We seen all the pictures of the new additions and some videos. We were really excited to get on and enjoy everything that the Glory had to offer. All the new additions and changes looked really great on pictures and video, now it was time to board. The morning of the cruise our CD Josh text's me "Are you here yet? We are waiting", so we chit chatted back and forth for a while. A few hours later we got to the port and finally became ZONE 1, which really means not much because the difference in time is not that long at all. So around 11am we get on board and go straight to Guest Services to set up our Sail and Sign account. As I am setting it up we see Josh so we talked to him for a few minutes and then went up to the Lido Deck to grab a bite to eat. Our first mission was to try out Guy's Burger Joint, which I told him not to try until I get there. He waited and we all had a burger. They were pretty good. So after that we went back to Josh's room and hung out for a bit, then we saw something great. The announcements, live and in person!!! Not just any announcements, his first one's being back (which we have video for). Yea it doesn't sound like much, but to us it is the small things that really make the cruising experience that much better. Also getting a chance to check out the other side of how the entertainment works is really cool, which we saw throughout the cruise with hanging out with Josh. Other then that the other major thing we enjoyed on the cruise was the RedFrog Beach Party. It was a lot of fun. We had a ton of up and downs on this trip. Being that this was the ships first trip out of dry dock, we both felt that they should have kept it another week or two. Here is the reason for that. The production shows and Hasbro game show was not up and running. We kinda figured they would not be up. Also the smell of paint and dust was still fresh in the air. The balcony we had was really awesome, however the location (6240) was not in the best of locations. Basically we were right above the show lounge and just saying trying to sleep during the after noon for a nap doesn't work to well when they are rehearsing. Don't get us wrong we did not completely hate the ship. We already been on her earlier this year and loved it. With the new additions and updated decor really made this ship nicer. Just being straight out of dry dock we kinda expected it. However we will give her another try possibly next year.

- Spending time with our cd Josh. Seeing the behind the scenes things that he does to make the entertainment on board the best it could be.
- Entertainment staff was amazing, really made things fun.
- New additions on board (Guys Burger, BlueIguana Cantina etc..) were great and well done.
- Balcony room really lives up to the hype.
- Big Sexy our favoite cruise director (

- Smell of paint in the ship. Christine ended up getting sick from it with a bad cough.
- No shows or Hasbro being available.
- Casino much like last time, not "FUN" at all.

 Alchemy Bar
This is one of the many new Fun-Ship 2.0 upgrades on board. Mix up your own unique concoctions.

Amber Palace
Plenty of Bingo and great fun. You can notice some of the many changes on board. Such as the seats and carpets being redone.

Azure Lido Pool & Bar
Nothing really changed here. Just the pizza has actually gotten really good and tasty. Best by far.

BlueIguana Cantina
One side you have tacos and the other end is burritos. Also open in the morning. With a salsa bar right behind to had some spice to those tacos. Not in the mood for heat in your life, they have plenty of other topping options available.

BlueIguana Tequila Bar
No rum drinkers allowed here! You have to be a BlueIguana to chill out at this new bar.

Camel Club Casino & Bar
Come on in and donate!!!

Carnival Glory Ship Photos
Here are some of the pictures from around the Carnival Glory.

 Josh doing his announcements.
 Thank you Josh!!!

Cherry on Top
Here is a awesome new place on board. Before you go watch a movie on the lido deck or see a show in the show lounge, come by and get some candy.

Cremes Cafe
Some great pastries and drinks.

EA Sports Bar
Newly addition on board. Play some of the newest EA Sport games on XBox360 or just hang out and relax.

Ebony Cabaret
Here is the new Punchliner Comedy Club. Some really great kid friendly and adult shows available throughout your cruise. Also some seminars and lectures.

Entertainment & Parties
Here is some of the great entertainment on board.

 Josh during the RedFrog Beach party.
 Our assistant cruise director Eversen.
 Me taking over the stage and testing out some comedy. I would like to thank Josh for setting this up 10 minutes before while hanging out in his cabin also giving me a nice joke to use. Okay I will be honest I did bomb it, but I enjoy getting on stage and having the spot light on me.

Freeport, The Bahamas (Port of Call)
Not much really going on here. The Carnival Glory was just here being upgraded. Other then that the port is more industrial. There are a couple of shops but nothing to crazy.

Fun Shops
Here is the fun shops.

Golden Restaurant
Here is our main dining room. Some of the nights they have shows with the staff. Also had a chance to have dinner with Josh and enjoy hanging out.

Guy's Burger Joint
Hands down one of the best additions on board. You get a choice of five burgers with fresh fries. Also plenty of options on the topping bar. Really good burgers.

 I told Josh for days not to eat a burger without me. Here we are all enjoying the ringer burger.

Nassau, The Bahamas (Port of Call)
Here is another time in Nassau. We did not want to get off the ship this time around. We are going to be back a week later and was just here in February and had a horrible time. The weather here along with the water is breathtaking. Hint, Atlantis if you choose to go is VERY expensive. We have never been ourselves yet, but heard horror stories. Everyone says it is really beautiful however bring a full wallet.

Old Glory Atrium
Here are some shots of the Carnival Glory's Atrium.

Port of Miami (Homeport)
Here is our homeport of Miami. This time around was the Carnival Glory's first run out of Miami in a few months and with the additions on board made the Sail and Sign accounts not able to be charged until on the ship. A bit of a pain. We were in Zone 1, so we got on quick and got the issue taken care of at guest services.

Red Sail Restaurant
Lido buffet. Food is good or bad. Try everything.

RedFrog Rum Bar
The Thirst Frog Red is Carnival's own beer and it is really a great beer to have. A lot of fun with the parties and day time fun. This also the for the RedFrogs only. Which side are you?

Seaside Theatre
A new addition is the pool lighting. Really makes the pool look amazing. The first day we asked why the pool was green. Until it changed colors. Also the hot tubs are in a new location. Not really a fan of it, the reason being is the entrance is in the stairway to go up the decks. Also the parties are really great and a lot of fun.

Serenity Deck
Nice during the day, especially at port days when the ship is more on the empty side and the chairs and hot tubs are open. Also at night it is very romantic.

Taste Bar
This is a new addition on Carnival. Not sure the whole reason behind it. Just some treats during the cruise. Nothing to great.

The Cinn-A-Bar
A very unique looking Piano bar. Much like all the other ones just very nice and relaxing place to be sometimes.

White Heat Night Club
Dance it up in this well lite dance club. Many great nights here.


  1. Wow such great pictures and review. My wife (Nancy) and I (Tony) are sailing on her over 4th of July!!! Can't wait, also thanks for the tips!

    1. Hi Tony,

      You and Nancy will have an amazing time on the Carnival Glory, the team is probably the best we ever had. Let us know how you like it!!!


  2. We were on glory in 2008. Nice ship. We had Eversen on Valor a year ago this weekend. :)

    1. Cruise Addict JunkieJune 14, 2013 at 7:22 AM

      Both of those ships were so amazing. Our CD Josh was on both and great! Eversen was his assistant on Glory and was great!!!