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Carnival Valor (Mar 2011)

 Carnival Valor
Carnival Valor

7-Night Western Caribbean
03/27/11: Miami, Florida
03/28/11: Fun Day at Sea
03/29/11: Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
03/30/11: Isla Roatan, Honduras
03/31/11: Belize City, Belize
04/01/11: Cozumel, Mexico
04/02/11: Fun Day at Sea
04/03/11: Miami, Florida

"Love at first sight"

We went on the Valor knowing nothing but what we had read about cruises. We really enjoyed our honeymoon cruise. We made a great friend aka our cruise director Big Sexy aka Josh Waitzman. He he has touched our life forever. Please check out his blog: . I honestly don't think I would have wanted to cruise again if we had gone with anyone else for our honeymoon. That is my opinion and my husband feels the same way. The thing that was really great was the morning shows. Josh was all over the TV, every time we came in our room and took a nap on those wonderful beds we heard him. It was great he was always letting us know what was going on and when we would be at port. They had some great activities on the ship during the day.

A few things we would like to share that we have found out during our 1st cruise. Here is a list of things that we now use for every cruise.

1. We take sea sickness medicine everyday (neither of us get sick, but sometimes the sea legs don't come quick enough and it can help if you get the flip flops in your tummy).

2. You will get lost on the ship. The ship is huge and so at least know if you are an even or odd number cabin because that will be the place you get lost going to a lot.

3. Do not over pack. Our 1st cruise, we packed 4 suitcases and a dress/garment bag. This was a 7 day cruise and let me tell you we wore maybe 9 things. (they do have washer and dryers) There is limited and I mean limited places to put these bags, they occupied our couch and every piece of extra space on the room.

4. Try and book your room so you are near an elevator or stairs, this also helps you find your way.

5. There is 2 electrical outlet sockets in your room. The last night of our 1st cruise we realized at the farewell show the phone chargers were packed... Most phones not being charged for 7 days wont hold a charge so we now do this our 1st night.

6. Bring your own conditioner and shampoo. They are nice enough to supply shampoo but the water is not normal on a ship. I can not explain but my hair is almost to my pants line and my hair never like me on a cruise.

- The chocolate melting cake a MUST HAVE in the dining room at dinner try it you must.
- The cruise director Josh Waitzman, who made the cruise amazing. (he also makes me smile reminding me of how my husband deleted all of our honeymoon pictures oops)
- The Shows were fun and made us smile ear to ear
- Serenity Deck, the 1st night on the cruise up there sitting under the stars was so romantic
- The shows at dinner we loved when the dining room staff danced at the end of dinner on a few nights
- Towel Animals, they must learn to make giraffes
- The Fun Times is left on your bed after turn down service every night and you can plan your next day
-  Decor, the best of all the ships we have been on to date

- The rocking after you get off the ship, you will sway for days
- The SHOWER is not meant for humans its small on this ship.
- Chair hogs, when you get up and go have breakfast on the lido deck and towels are sitting on chairs with nobody around. This is annoying and its done everyday.
- The taste of the water. We are water drinkers and this is something I know they cant help but yuck!
- The lack of space to unpack really stinks. I mean what do you expect but be prepared its small unless your in a suite.

American Lobby Atrium
When you first enter the ship you are in the beautiful atrium. Which on each level are faces of presidents. Really a beautiful atrium.

Belize City, Belize (Port of Call)
This was the third stop on our seven day cruise. Much like Grand Cayman we did not dock at the port. This was longer then a five minute boat ride to shore, more like twenty to thirty minutes. Just be very careful getting on and off the boats. When we got back to the ship the boat we were on was rocking and smacking against the ship harshly, so just be safe. We got to shore and was mostly shopping. The shopping was pretty good. Picked up a bunch of goodies. Also bargain down prices really works here. This port was very good for shopping.

Bronx Sport Bar
Truly a Yankee fan bar. It is really cool looking and a great place to sit and watch a game.

Club O2
Railroad inspired theme throughout the Club. Really nice looking place for the kids.

Cozumel, Mexico (Port of Call)
 The final port of our cruise. We docked at this port. You walk through the shops (liquor & perfume) and come out to the shopping area. Like all of the ports before you see the normal shopping stores for the jewelry and clothing, along with other stores. We spent time during all of these ports just checking out all of the areas inside the ports. We did not decide to do any excursions. This port we enjoyed visiting.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands (Port of Call)
This was our very first port that we were ever at. Both of us never traveled outside of the US so we really did not know what to expect. The ship does not pull into a dock, we had to take a five minute boat ride to the port to get to land. Once on land we walked around the port and the local shops that were around. We liked seeing the roosters just walking around in the open. Other then that just in and out of the shops, some bars. We were not too impressed with that port of call.

Ivanhoe Theatre
With a Medieval theme, it really is a great addition to the decor of the ship. 

Java Cafe
Serving your favorite pastries and cafe drinks. There is a charge for each item.

Jeanne's Wine Bar
A quiet bar at times also a great hangout near the night club and comedy club.

Lindy Hop Piano Bar
Just next to the Wine Bar the Lindy Hop really does hope with Piano music throughout the night. Great place to relax, have a drink and unwind.

Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan (Port of Call)
This port when we booked the cruise did not expect it to be great. We were wrong, it was beautiful. The water was nothing we ever seen before. The entire port itself was very beautiful. The ship docks and as you walk off you come into a shopping center. Mostly little shops and jewelry stores, still nice. To the other side there is a walkway towards the beach (which you pay for). We enjoyed our time here.

One Small Step Dance Club
Nightlife is the start here, rolling out the red carpet at night inviting guests to be VIP for the night and dance the cruise away.

Paris Hot Lounge
A small bar next to the Comedy Lounge where you can enjoy a smoke and most of the time a very quiet area of the ship.

Prometheus Pool
In the very back of the ship (aft) is the pool and bar. Here you will find some late night pizza and drinks. Day time very much the same. On the hot sunny days enjoy some ice cream and the pool. Even head upstairs to deck 10 and get a view of everything around you.

Rosie's Lido Restaurant
This is the Lido Buffet, menus do change everyday. Some times inspired by the different cultures of the world. Also fish & chips are located on deck 10 (aft).

Seaside Theatre
Movie time with complementary popcorn and ice cream is a great way to spend the evening with the family. Also many of the contest and ice carving demo is set outside here.

Ship Photos
Here are some great shots from around the Carnival Valor.

Shogun Club Casino & Bar
Try your luck at the Shogun Club Casino. At night this is one of the best places to be on the ship. Along the promenade there is live music and dancing. Tons of slots and tables to test out your skills. 

Washington Dining Room
One of the two dining rooms on the Carnival Valor.

Winston's Bar
Right outside the Main Dining Room on deck 4 is a great quiet cigar lounge. Many nights before and after dinner we would just sit and relax in the quietness of the ship. Towards the other side is the Internet station.

Here are the FunTimes for our cruise on the Carnival Valor.


  1. dehyu schelhammerApril 19, 2012 at 3:13 PM

    ty for your post about valor,i will be on the valor aprile 28th.

    1. Cruise Addict JunkieDecember 5, 2012 at 12:34 PM

      I know it's a bit late, but we hope you had an amazing time on your cruise!!!

  2. The Valor was a great ship, make sure you get to enjoy the serenity deck.

    1. Cruise Addict JunkieDecember 5, 2012 at 12:35 PM

      We had the chance to spend some time on the serenity deck. It is a great feature on all of the ships.

  3. I really enjoy your blogs. It's very helpful. Will do this cruise on the liberty in sept 2013. I do recognize the port of Mexico been there this year and will stop there again in 2013. Thanks alot Patrick and Christine and enjoy your next cruise in november

    1. Cruise Addict JunkieDecember 5, 2012 at 12:36 PM

      Thank you so much for the feed back! We enjoy it very much! Tell your friends and everyone!