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Carnival Victory (Aug 2013)

Carnival Victory
Carnival Victory

4-Night Western Caribbean
08/29/2013: Miami, Florida
08/30/2013: Key West, Florida
08/31/2013: Cozumel, Mexico
09/01/2013: Sea Day
09/02/2013: Miami, Florida

"Something in the sea water"

Here we are, back on Carnival for a 8th time since 2011, mixed in with a few other lines here and there. Thinking about it now we never really had branched out on nothing too big when it came to other lines, a few 2 and 3 night cruises here and there, but nothing long enough or large enough to get a feel for another line. Which we are hoping to change in the near future will longer cruises on some of the other cruise lines main ships. Back to the Carnival Victory, not really sure how we stumbled upon booking it was just kinda there one day. Usually when we book we get a feel for the ship by checking out videos, pictures, menus and anything having to do with the ship. Which can be a good thing or a bad thing at times. Breaking away from the Victory for a second to reflect on checking out a ship before hand, when we had MSC Divina booked and excited about the ship we checked out some of the menus and looked at them over and over and realized that there was really nothing appetizing about them, anything that was worth eating and that looked tempting you had to pay for. Resulting in a canceled cruise, the ship was one of the most stunning but the food was less then that. So back to Victory, we did check out the usual layout of the ship as well as the food options and decor. All looked very nice but too many things started to become very familiar which sometimes isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes it is.

Let’s start off where all cruises usually start, at the port. This was our 11th cruise and 10th time out of Miami, which is usually easy to get around and park. We had a slight 20 minute issue with parking. We were not in the usual garage, this time was the outside lot. We went to go into the lot and one of the arms was open to get in. The ticket machine was not working at all, we went around to several porters and Port Employees and all said that it was fine and just park, the port knew about the issue and they would work it out on Monday. Which turned out to be a little annoyance when we returned, but we will talk about that later on. We finally parked and went into the terminal, straight through security and on upstairs to the VIP Check-In waiting area. I had been talking to Carnival’s amazing media team and told them about the blog and asked if they could do anything to help enhance our trip. So a few days before they offered us to go VIP when checking in. It was nice, we were in the room for maybe 30 minutes at most, did not seem like that long at all. So they announced for us to go ahead and board the ship. So we went through the endless long and irritating lines round and round, over and over, passing up the chance to take picture after picture. Let me just say get rid of the lines, most of the people do not want to waste the time with it and take pictures and wait and wait, we just want to get onboard and start HAVING SOME FUN!!!! So finally we were on the deck and heading on and guess who was the first two people on the ship? You guessed it!!! We were, no there was no party or celebration just an issue with the Sail and Sign card and the machine (what else is new). Bad thing about being on early was that we had to wait until 12 or so to set up the on board account, but you have a spending limit on the card to play with in the mean time. So we headed up to the buffet for lunch, no lines since being the first few on.

After eating lunch we headed down to our room, 2353 (Main Deck, Starboard/Mid-Ship), we were in our room around 12 or so, the room was very nice. Instead of having the bed taking up most of the space in the already small interior cabin, it was placed sideways against the wall, well it ended up there everyday after we pushed it there. By the way quick note, the bed sucked!!! It was way too hard and the pillows were too big and not comfy at all. Back to the room, we did not have a mini fridge, which was fine we had ice and two bottles of water just in case. Also in the bathroom we had a cabinet with about 3 or 4 shelves, but instead of it being open shelves it was a closeable cabinet. Really nice, plenty of room for just about everything, also high enough for cans of sun screen or hair spray. The room was very spacious for an interior, never felt too cramped. Another major complaint was the location, well actually the fellow guests on board, which really put a major damper on the cruise. We heard constant running, screaming, yelling, talking, you name it and we heard and saw a lot! Don’t worry you don’t get that every once in a while, we were lucky enough to have it the entire time day and night. Lets just say being next to grouped rooms of young group, things can get annoying to a point where you just want to scream, well you know what you’d say.

Moving along, the entertainment shows (Varoom and Living in America) were two of the best shows we have ever seen on any cruise, I will get into those in a minute. First show was the Welcome Aboard Show with our cruise director Marcelo. The show was very nice, Marcelo took several people up on stage and did a little something with each person, very funny. We did not stay for the entire show, it was a long day and we were getting a bit tired. So we left as the comedy acts were coming on. So now off to the main shows. Living in America, which we had seen once before and Varoom, which is an 80s, Elvis & Motown style show, they said it was the best at sea and we think it was. Just amazing shows on their own, but the people who made it even better was all of the singers and dancers along with the live band. Each and everyone of them were top notch and amazing, no flaws at all. The two lead singers were absolutely some of the best we have ever seen. They were very passionate about their singing and it showed in the face, they put 110% into it and they were just amazing. The connection with them and the crowd was so great seeing. Before the final show (Varoom) started the Funtimes offered a late trivia (80s Music Theme), which we usually do not see. It was a slow part of the night for us so we checked it out. Let me tell you, having the 80s music trivia followed by a show like Varoom was one of the best things we have ever done on a cruise. The trivia featured about 25 of the best classic songs on the 80s. Everyone was singing along and dancing up to the point where no one even won the trivia. The basic point of it was to rowdy up the crowd for the upcoming show, indeed they did. It was a lot of fun when you have almost 100 people just singing and dancing to songs you grew up listening to. Which going into the show was just a huge highlight of our trip.

The ports were both nice and places we have been to a few times before. So we ended up staying on the ship for the entire duration of the trip. I will go into details of the ports below a little bit. On to the food, it had its moments of good and bad. Nothing really stood out to be amazing. After being on the same line over and over in a course of 2 1/2 years you get bored of the same ole options. Nothing compares to our first trip on Carnival Valor back in 2011, which if memory serves us right was a slightly different menu. We tried just a bit of everything, some popular items just were not popular to us anymore. For example, the Warm Chocolate Melting Cake, where let me just say key word being “Melting” was anything but that. It was basically a Chocolate Cake, nothing impressive anymore and has not been in some time. Which is a shame because we always look forward to having a good piece and always giving it a second, or third, or even a tenth chance. A big let down on the ship was not having a Steakhouse or a Sushi station. The “old” sushi station was now the Taste Bar, which if you don’t know is a sampling from other dining venues such as the RedFrog Pub, BlueIguana Cantina, and the Steakhouse. None of which are on the Carnival Victory, which is basically a selling point to go on the ships that offer it. So your main choices on the cruise for dining is the Main Dining Room along with the Buffet. Also since talking about things not onboard, a basketball court, I was shocked. Odds are I was not really going to play however it would have been nice to have, even a half court. We did notice a loss of entertainment onboard at points. Some of the normal activities were not here, such as the talk for the Future Cruise and the Ship Q&A, with the Captain, CD, Hotel Director along with some others. Yes really not too important on a cruise, but sometimes fun to go to. I love learning about the “behind the scenes” things that go on and asking what they enjoy outside of cruise life. We did get a chance to hang out and chit chat with Katie, who is part of the entertainment team on the Carnival Victory. We mostly chatted during our Cozumel day at trivia. Since no one really showed up we just ended up staying and keeping her company. Such a nice person. The rest of the team was very good as well, they kept the activities going. Unfortunately at the Caribbean Beach Party we did not see them for long. The party really wasn’t as good as we hoped. Usually they start slow and end up getting active. This time it started out slow and just stayed and that was it. The DJ was actually one of the best we had, played a lot of great hits and wasn’t boring. So enough of the chit chat lets get on with this tour and check out the Carnival Victory.

Adriatic Aft Lounge
We start our tour in the Comedy Club, which was a perfect size for the size. Both comedians, Kim Harrison & Al Romero (who we also had on Carnival Glory) were great. Really enjoyed them both, none were raunchy (like Andrew Dice Clay’s style). Very mild and really good. There was just enough room for everyone who wanted to come and enjoy. Not like the Limelight Lounge on the Carnival Breeze that was maybe a little bit smaller but was expected to hold about double the capacity. I get that it is supposed to have that “Comedy Club” feel and be small, but not so small you can’t see a thing or even enjoy yourself. So again the size was perfect, with people standing but never felt crowded. Also if you are here make sure to check out the Punchliner Drink Menu. We noticed on this cruise and probably others many of the drinks are very citrus flavored, lots of orange juice and just that type of flavor. Which is fine just sometimes not what we are in the mood for. So that being said a really good drink that we had was the BBC (yea, nevermind the name), which is Borgan’s Irish Cream and banana puree blended with pineapple and coconut to make a fantastic colada. Really tasty.

Aegean Sports Bar
FINALLY!!! After being on the Carnival Breeze in the middle of a Miami Heat winning streak and having a hard time finding out if they were winning or losing, we have a sports bar on a ship. Okay we're not the type of people that are at a bar on a Sunday afternoon watching the big game, however when you have a bunch of people complaining about not being able to watch games on vacation then maybe that is a problem. The Aegean Sports Bar did have a unique look to it, which was neat. Also for you RedFrog lovers out there the bar does offer the Thristy Frog Red!!! Along with the atrium bar.

Atlantic Forward Dining Room
This was our main dining room for dinner. Personally this was a very nice dining room, not like the Carnival Glory with the oranges everywhere, this was more of an “underwater” feel to it. You get that throughout the ship decor, once onboard and looking around at the statues you will understand what I am talking about. Now off to dining, hit or miss with everything. Some food was better than others, like with any cruise. On the last night of the cruise we went to dinner here and ordered our food, now we asked to have our Flat Iron Steaks without any gravy, so we both ordered them so they would not mess it up in anyway. The waiter took the order, well we thought it took it correctly. So we get our steaks and they both had the gravy on it, when we told him he looked at us like we were crazy and never told him. So he brought them back and gave us our baked potatoes. Well off to the potato, can’t mess up that one right? Okay it was a baked potato, plus one little friendly piece of hair. Which will disgust anyone out. So we finally got our steaks and of course one was raw. At this point we were just ready to get out of there, we headed out and into the buffet to hopefully get something good. Let me just back up for a second, the veal parmesan was excellent, which was unfortunate because we hoped that the buffet would have it but they had the chicken parm instead.

Black & Red Seas Jazz Lounge
This was one of the nicest looking places we had ever seen on a ship. First for the smokers, you’re in luck! You are allowed to smoke in this lounge. Now back to the purpose and use for this great looking lounge. Nightly it was used a lot for Karaoke, which we did check out for a bit. Nothing like the Carnival Breeze. During most of the days it was used for private events.

Caribbean Main Show Lounge
The lounge was nice and well lit. However the real superstar here is the singers, dancers and live band. They were probably the best by far, absolutely amazing. Also two of the best shows (Living in America & Varoom) that we have ever seen. Many other things that are in this lounge include Game Show Mania, Love and Marriage Show & BINGO along with many other activities and events.

(Our cruise director Marcelo)

Carnival Victory Ship Photos & Video
Here are some photos along with videos from around the Carnival Victory. If you are a fan of the Conquest Class (Conquest, Freedom, Liberty, Glory & Valor) then you should enjoy this ship, very similar layout however you can spot the differences. For example if you are in the mid ship elevators and you get off on deck 5 you can not cut through to the Cafe, you are stuck walking around the casino bar. Also on deck 9 same with going straight into the buffet, you have to go outside and back in.

(Gotta love the funnel!)

Caspian Wine Bar
Located right outside the Club Arctic Dance Club the Caspian Wine Bar was always a nightly hotspot on the Promenade. Mostly busy at night, daytime usually closed.

Children’s Pool Area
Never really saw places for the little ones on any other ship. This one was opposite of the Serenity area also below the top deck of Serenity, which is not the best location but it never seemed to be an issue. The space is large enough for several kids to enjoy as well as adults. Also table tennis is located here.

(Here is the view from the Serenity deck)

Club Arctic Dance Club
We spend more and more time on each cruise in the nightclub. The DJ was really good so it was not like the Breeze which was a dud and not fun at all. Come on this is CARNIVAL, they are all about fun. Well some guests we heard took that fun to another level. We heard, that their was a fight that broke out in the nightclub involving the DJ and some of the dancers along with some guests. Not sure if their was any connection to the woman who was arrested in the cabin a few doors down, but we did here some chatter about it the day after. Back to the club, decor was just not there, very plain and not too eye appealing.

(The seats do light up)

Coral Sea Cafe
Here is your spot for that morning coffee or afternoon shake, even an evening sports energy drink with your favorite brand of vodka. Another first we saw was ice cream, never remembered having it on any other ship, besides Breeze. It was good to have, pricing wasn't great though. One favorite we did have here is the Black & White Milkshake, just love it.

Cozumel, Mexico (Port of Call)
Well this was a fun, scary, rainy....well you get the point. Just one of those days. We were in port late, so we didn't get in until after lunch time. So we had trivia we were playing to kill some time and we heard people saying something about a waterspout out in the ocean. So we already had a camera out so we looked out the window and it was about a mile or less away from us. It was really a sight to see, yes it is a little scary being on a ship in the middle of the ocean not being able to avoid them but still cool to see. So below is just one of the pictures we got, more available on our Facebook page. Another question you may ask, did we win the trivia. YES!!! You know we just have to add to our collection of those Ships on Sticks. We are at 17 right now from 8 trips. Back to Cozumel, like I said above we did not get off at any port so most of our day consisted on taking pictures and sleeping, let's add eating to that list as well shall we? This was a perfect day to sit onboard and do nothing!!! The ship was just about empty and being at a port so late, most people who got off didn't wander or stumble back from one or two or whatever amount of bars until right before we are supposed to leave. Which we were warned about, it was funny though going outside a half hour or so before we are supposed to leave and seeing everyone yelling and talking way too loud and just having a great time standing in those LONG lines to get back on. The day at port did start with dark skies and the bluest water I think we had ever seen. The pictures do not do it justice. Enjoy!

Food & Menu Pictures
Got Food? After being on several ships you start to get a feel for the menus items and it does not really vary too much, especially the buffet and main dining room. With that being our only two options (other than ice cream, deli, Chinese and pizza) you get sick of the food really quick. Which means leaving hungry for the most part. Like I said they did have pizza, which I enjoyed a lot even for breakfast. Heck if the bartenders can serve me drinks at 7 in the morning then I can have my white pizza with extra pepperoni if I want. Also available was a Chinese station, which was usually fried rice, spring rolls and things like that. Sorry wok lovers, this is one ship that does not offer it. The deli is on the opposite side, also make sure you tell them exactly what you want and don't want on your sandwich. I ordered a corned beef and pastrami on a wrap with mustard, somehow I got lettuce and tomato added. No big deal, just saying.

(Spinach & Artichoke Dip: Actually really good, just enough chips)
(Pork with Mac n'Cheese: Not horrible, doubtful on getting it again.)

(Sushi: Yep that is it, nothing else. The sushi station on 5 is now a Taste Bar, this is available in the MDR.)
(Alligator Fritters: I know what you are thinking, their is no way I am touching those!!! Look we were the same way at first, but after ordering them over and over they are actually really good. I wouldn't say they taste like chicken, but not gamey either, more like hushpuppies. Just try them, also the red sauce with it is amazing)
(Lobster with Shrimp: Reason why I love my formal nights!! Two of those and a prime rib, which was not that good.)
(Cherries Jubilee: Better than Chocolate Melting Cake, which this was not a home run either by any means.)
(Just want to say thank you again to the wonder media team at Carnival along with the Hotel Director for sending us this amazing tray of food, along with some champagne. I did however walk right past this when we got in our cabin after dinner. Christine started saying wow look at the food, and I never walk past food unnoticed.)

(Crabcake: It was good, it's a crab cake not a filet mignon, only so much I can say.)

(Stuffed Mushrooms: YUM!!!!)

(That is the BBC in the comedy lounge, a must try...also water, I hear the applause for the water.)
(Baby Back Ribs and AMAZING fries: Must try it is on the lunch menu.)

(Veal Parmesan: I am not a fan of veal, not sure why but Christine does love it. This actually was very good, not soggy on the breading and have a great flavor to it.)
(Thank you Carnival, this stuff was good!!!)
(Pastrami: Room service menu.)
(Mushroom, tomato and mozzarella: I love this sandwich, except for the cucumbers, leave that on a salad or like anchovies, away and out of sight.)

Fun Shops
The outside of the shops usually showcase items that you are able to buy inside, which they did, but just looked very basic and no "COME LOOK AT ME" to it. Kind of hard to explain, but if your onboard you will see.

Ionian Room Lounge
I will say this over and over until I get to tired to say it anymore! This room (in my opinion) is useless!!! The ship has a ton of bars around the ship, okay it is bigger but I very rarely see people in here, also can't smoke anymore. Some ships label it as a "cigar" lounge, but that is a different story. Back to my complaint, I feel that Carnival should be smart about this and use this space (which is a pretty good size) and turn it into something like a bowling alley or something fun for those boring port days and even sea days. Just something to keep people more entertained then trivia back to back to back to back, well you get the point. Again that is just one persons opinion, thank you for listening.

Irish Sea Piano Bar
Not sure who comes up with some of the Piano Bars onboard, but the decor can range drastically from one ship to the other. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. This was not a winner, the semi-private booths were a nice addition. We did stop by to check out the piano playing by Joe Hollywood, who was very good by the way. Didn't stay too long, it was mostly passing by and staying for a song or two and off to the next place.

Jogging Track
Welcome to wasted space # 2, not saying the jogging track is that can stay. I wish a basketball court was available here. Deck chairs, I don't think I have seen anyone on them.

Key West, Florida (Port of Call)
So living in Florida, we took a cruise from Florida stopping in Florida and coming back to Florida. Good got it? Lets move on! I have nothing against Key West, personally I have only been to the Keys a couple of times and usually we won't drive down here on any normal day which is a good 4 hour drive or so. It is a beautiful place to port at and a ton of great things to do. Possibly next time we will get off and maybe jet ski? Never know.

(When we hit lotto this is one of our locations for a home, just so we can sit outside looking at the cruise ships.)

King of the Sea Pool & Twister Water Slide
Very tempting to try, just never got around to it. Did see several people get stuck on the slide. The pool, we did not go into, reason was the water looked dirty and just did not want to chance going in.

Laundry Room
Four walls, a door, washers & dryers make up this non-spacious laundry room. Next time I will get pricing, have heard it is a bit on the high side.

Mediterranean Lido Restaurant
Welcome to the one and only buffet onboard the Carnival Victory. Larger ships usually have two or more, same items just easy people flow. We read reviews before coming, most complaints were the buffet lines being too long. We have to agree, at certain points the lines were outrageously long, other times not a single person waiting. We do hate people cutters!!! Even the little kids that just cut right in front and make a mess, or the drunk people behind you at the Mexican buffet that think it is a great idea to stick a banana in the watermelon Indians mouth. Not a ton of options everyday for food, just the same as every other cruise.

(Here we have idiot # 1 who thinks it is a great idea to talk on the roof. Also twenty minutes later being the same guy that runs into the small pool at the slide. Good job buddy you got on our blog!!!)

Miami, Florida (Homeport)
VIP Check-in here we come!!! Wait have to park first!! Parking was a nightmare, the ticket machine was not working and neither were the port employees. They all had no idea and said don't worry about it and they will figure it out by Monday. Not really what we wanted to hear, but had no other choice. So we left the car, come Monday Christine had to leave her Sail and Sign card with the port employee for verification. I had talked to other cruisers that day and seemed like we were the only ones with the issue. Also we left in front of the open lot and returned in front of the garage lot, no big deal just wanted to give everyone driving a head's up. Not saying every time is the same, but it wasn't as bad as Celebrity Constellation. Being picked up at one side and dropped of at the other end, what a nightmare that was, beautiful ship though. Okay now into the port terminal. Right in and through security, which we had to give our big bag to. Out of 10 cruises in the port all of a sudden the last two we had to give up our bags, we somewhat expected it this time. Last time on Majesty of the Seas was during very heighten security so that was fine. Now they are just being jerks about it being "too big". Good, then they can pay for my damaged luggage bag that was all scrapped up and broken on the sides with small "dime" sized holes here and there. I will check the measurements next time, some days I really dislike the employees at the port, also the security and police officers. Trust me living in South Florida and watching the news everyday you will know what I mean. Are we inside yet??? Okay finally through security and up that escalator and to the waiting area. Into VIP was nice, not amazing but nice being able to board early. We waited maybe a half hour or so, and right onboard. I'm talking about first two people onboard the ship, no party but we take pride in that. Usually the first day we are always excited to get on and enjoy ourselves. Now it is like we go on eat and sleep until the drill. Okay not exciting but hey! WE'RE ON VACATION!!!

Miniature Golf
Very upset, one of the days they were supposed to have a mini golf competition, which we were really looking forward to, but no one showed up. Which happened a few times, activities that were listed in the Fun-Times were no-shows.

(So upset I didn't get a better picture of the two funnels, next time take more than one picture. Sorry everyone!)

Neptune’s Way Promenade
(Welcome to the Promenade, which is located on Deck 5. Including everything from the Main Show Lounge to the Comedy Club, Night Club, Piano Bar and Casino, along with the shops.

Pacific Aft Dining Room
This was the dining room we had for breakfast and lunch. It was open for lunch everyday but the first. So make sure to check it out and enjoy the ribs!!

This has to be the most pictures we have ever taken on the Serenity Deck. Also they have two longer hottubs which are shown in the below pictures.

(We never noticed this before, not like they worked.)

(Good size hottubs.)

Seven Seas Lobby & Atrium
The atrium was not too eye appealing, pictures make it look ten times better. Get's nicer at night. Also a quick let down here, the bar takes up most of the space, unlike the Conquest Class that has a lot of seating area and a dance floor, this was more compacted and at times very crowed. The Thristy Frog Red Beer is served here as well.

Sirens’ Pool Area & Pizzeria
Welcome to the aft pool, which gets a little insane on the sea days. If it was topless, you would be watching Girls Gone Wild, just saying what happens on the ship, should stay on the ship. Review, nice area late night grille on one side and pizza on the other. Pizza was good and really enjoyed the white pizza (forgot the name) with extra pepperoni. Grille at night had the usual burger and hot dogs with cookies. Just be cautious the line for pizza does grow and grow and you can wait around forever at times. Even during the midnight buffet (at 11pm) will be packed more than the buffet.


South China Sea Club Casino & Bar 
Actually not a bad casino, we did not win nor spent too much money here. Lot's of penny machines and older machines along with playing tables.

Spa Carnival, Salon & Gym
Some photos of the spa area.

Stateroom 2351
Our room setup was nice, however the bed and location were HORRIBLE!!! Not the location of the bed against the wall, which was nice and no complaint there. I am talking about the loud people up and down the halls drunk and/or with their kids running and screaming and yelling and pooping (YES!!! Someone put poop, real or fake not sure in a plastic bag on someones door handle). Being next to groups it was insane and not in a good way. That was a HUGE complaint we had. The morning we go to leave we step outside our room and a girl was in handcuffs with a police officer or ship security, only about 4 or 5 cabins down.

Tritons’ Main Pool & Seaside Theatre
Tritons' pool was the main pool onboard. Sea days were a nightmare with everyone onboard trying to fit into the small pool and kids jumping in on top of it, so these days we stick to walking around the ship and out of the water. Compared to other ships we do not enjoy the layout at all, very cramped. Once the ship goes in for the Fun-Ship 2.0 upgrades we should be seeing the hot tubs at least moved to the side staircases. Speaking of re-construction, the ship was under it almost all the time, between having everyone go up to deck ten and over from the main entrance and painting and staining the ship and pressure cleaning, don't let me forget the closing of the pool area and port side chairs about 7pm it was not always the best place to relax.  Sailaway party felt too lonely being the only ship in port, love having others with us. Mexican Fiesta party was not too much better either. Somewhat of a let down in our opinion.

Virtual Sea Arcade
Finally we end our tour on deck 5 just outside of the Nightclub and inside the arcade.

Hope everyone enjoyed the trip and review. All and all the trip was not 100% horrible and somethings made up for the craziness we had. We do have to say the decor for the most part on this ship was one of the best, same with the production shows. Downside to the trip were the very rowdy guests who drank too often and too much, that really put a damper on the cruise. Also the food, at this point we had tried just about everything over and over so for the most part we know what to expect, not saying the food is bad at all just no surprise factor. Same in a way with Carnival, after being on 8 trips and several ships with Carnival we do think it is time for a switch. Our heart is always with Carnival but we want to get more out there with cruising. We have made a ton of great friends with Carnival and being on their ships makes us feel at home, but going on other lines we can have even more to write about and possibly switch loyal cruisers from one line to another. Until our next cruise we will chit chat on Facebook, make sure to share us with your friends and family!!!!

Fun Times


  1. Awesome pics wish I was there!!!!!

    1. Thank you Leisa!! We had a good time, it was certainly a trip!

  2. Great review! Thanks for taking the time to put this together. My friend and I are going in Sept. To have the best view if the ports at key west and cozumel do you recommend starboard side cabin for the Western Caribbean cruise? Thanks! Karen