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Disney's Coronado Springs Resort (April 2015)

Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

We decided to stay at one of the Disney hotels on a whim. We didn't go to the parks but we wanted to stay somewhere with places to eat and enough to do on property because we had other plans. This place is awesome. Had a huge gift shop, and a lot of places to eat. Loved the pools and the lake. We enjoyed walking around and smelling the beautiful flowers that were everywhere. We had a wonderful room In Cabana 5. Getting out of bed can be an issue since the bathroom door slides and is in our opinion too close to the bed so you hit it if you aren't careful. Also having to scan your wristband to get into the gate was kind of hard. We would have to put the car in park every time and take off the bracelet.

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  1. Thank you my family and I are part of a Disney group and saw your blog. Your review and photos helped us with our decision.