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Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge (July 2015)

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

This resort is absolutely amazing! It is perfect for everyone, if you're traveling by yourself, with a spouse, friend, kids or the entire family everyone will find something for themselves to enjoy. The staff was very friendly and very helpful throughout our stay. Our room was standard with a view, couldn't have asked for a better location. Day and night we had animals in distance of our room. We are also giraffe lovers with a large collection at home so this was the perfect resort and a perfect room that we could sit on our balcony and just watch them all day long. You can walk all around the resort and you never know what animal you will run into.

On the only day we stayed at the resort we had a day full of driving up and getting to the resort early and straight to our room. Which right there was a lot of walking, so bring your shoes. We headed over by bus to Downtown Disney for lunch. Have to mention this real quick. We usually go to Planet Hollywood for lunch or dinner whenever we are there. However we haven't been at Downtown Disney in over a year or so, so a lot has changed. The bridge near the Marketplace was a life saver! Okay so we stopped by Fulton's Crab House and checked out their menu. We had never eaten here before so decided to check it out. We went for lunch and had the Crab Cake BLT and the Lobster Grilled Cheese. OMG! Wow, they know how to make some amazing food here, a must try if you're here! Some of the best sandwiches we had ever had!

Okay after Downtown Disney we got back to the resort and it started to pour, rain and rain! Well since this is Florida we know the harder it comes down the quicker it leaves and turns back into sunshine, which it did just that! So we walked around and headed back to the room for a quick power nap!

After our nap we went to the pool for a bit. Nice large pool with a ton of swimming area, but the kids were constantly splashing and hitting everyone with water while their parents were at the bar. Almost felt like we were on a cruise! Which don't get us wrong we love cruising as you can tell by the name of our website, but we wanted a bit of a different type of getaway. However the pool was about the size of the pool deck on a ship so we were happy! Also walk around and check out the views of the animals, it really is amazing. We still will go on record and say that the pool at Coronado Springs was much better with it's setup then this one.

Dinner time rolls around and we didn't want to chance going back to Downtown Disney and having it rain again on us. So we looked at every option possible. We weren't ones for trying anything out of our comfort zone. So we looked at the menu for Jiko, we didn't know much of what each of the items were, so we said screw it and decided to try it out. We checked over the menu and decided to get a couple of appetizers and a flatbread. Have to tell you the food here was simply amazing, you have to try it out. We were very doubtful on the food at first but after trying it we were glad we stayed and had dinner here! Now service for us was horrible. The waitress we had only had two tables, us and a group of 10, made up of 4 screaming and yelling and crying kids! When we're spending all this money on a nice dinner, maybe they should have some respect for others and take them out until the children all calmed down. Again service was horrible but food was amazing and the wait was well worth it!

We went to the Victoria Falls Lounge later on that night for a couple of drinks. Now we only got the drinks because we got to keep the glowing ice cube, however the drinks were actually really good and somewhat refreshing! Afterwards we stumbled back to our rooms and hit the bed!

The final morning we were awaken by loud noises, no not the animals but to the loud children yelling and screaming from their balconies! It got to be way too much, so constant. Other guests were also yelling to have their kids be quiet since they were still trying to sleep, but that did nothing.

Now will we stay here again? You bet we will! It was unbelievable and one of the best resorts we have ever been to! Amazing views with great food and staff! Now off to the tour around the resort....enjoy!

 (Jambo House lobby)

 (View from outside our room)

 (View from our room)

 (Inguday Tibs in Brik - Mushroom, Spinach and cheese in crispy Tunisian Film with Apples and Curry Vinagrette)

 (Roasted Cauliflower Flatbread - Bhuna Masala, Roasted Cipollini Onions, Lamb Chooper Cheese and Mitmita Gremolata)

(Complementary bread and butter, excellent for dipping in the Boar app.)

(Grilled Wild Boar Tenderloin - Mealie Pap, Chakalaka, Truffle Oil and Micro Cilantro)

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