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Carnival Glory (Feb 2012)

Carnival Glory
Carnival Glory 

7-Night Eastern Caribbean
02/26/12: Miami, Florida
02/27/12: Nassau, Bahamas
02/28/12: Fun Day at Sea
02/29/12: St. Thomas, USVI
03/01/12: San Juan, Puerto Rico
03/02/12: Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos
03/03/12: Fun Day at Sea
03/04/12: Miami, Florida

 "Back with Big Sexy"

Carnival Glory was our 3rd cruise and our most fun to date. We have to say Josh and Susan made our trip amazing. Check out Josh's blog : . The entertainment on this ship was amazing. We got the same room as we did on our Honeymoon 2365. This ship has a beautiful serenity deck on it which we did enjoy while spending time chatting with friends. We did drink more on this ship which let me tell you kept us from rocking on land. This cruise was the rockiest cruise to date. We take bonnie for the first 3 days and then we no longer took our sea sickness medicine. The decor of this ship was bland compared to the others. We found the observation deck and the gym and the saunas and steam room. The pool and hot tub in the gym is amazing and has rock walls.
The game shows on this ship are so much fun along with the bingo. Were not bingo people but it gets fun after while. This ship had alot of great activities. We even danced in the night club. Best hot chocolate and drinks on this ship.
- Entertainment was above the rest
- Open Mic night at the comedy club
- Murder Mystery
- Steak house
- Thriller Dance Class
- The Casino doesn't win this by far was the worst casino that we have been to land or sea
- Rockiness of the ship this trip was by far the worst for that
- Pizza was horrible on this ship
- Coffee bars on lido never had anybody to serve you(not employees of Carnival)
- The beds were older on this ship seemed to sink more then the others.

Amber Palace
Here are some pictures of the Amber Palace, which is the main show lounge on the Carnival Glory. So much to do and see here. All the shows were amazing.

Burgundy Wine Bar
Very quiet bar at times near the comedy lounge & piano bar. Located on 5 AFT, this place is a great to hang out and grab a drink.

Camel Club Casino
The theme here is more desert and light colored. The casino here was not a winning one.

Here is the Piano Bar, nightly things to do hear. Nice place to sit and relax to the jazz sounds and comedic masters of the mic.

Club O2
Designed for kids, here is ClubO2.

Creams Cafe
Morning, afternoon and evening coffee served at this location. Along with some great specialty drinks and desserts.

Emerald Room Steakhouse
This is a MUST DO! We were lucky enough to win two free passes for dinner. We were blown away at the portions along with the amazing flavors of the food. They also do demonstrations during one of the days. Be sure to get there early for a close up seat. Also don't eat because they give you mini courses and they will fill you up.

Entertainment & Parties
The entertainment was like usual and really amazing. The shows and things they do on board are really special and fun to watch. Also much like every cruise Josh finds ways to pull me up on stage for something. It's all good, I enjoy doing it.

Fun Shops
Here some pictures of the shops on board. Nothing more then purses, cologne and liquor.

Golden Restaurant
This was our dining room, did not care for the decor at all. Did serve really great food.

Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos (Port of Call)
This was another beautiful port. Very quiet and non aggressive with locals. Loved the free beach (minus the rocks in the water). Margaritaville was fun. This is a must go to port. Very relaxing place to be. Not too much shopping but tons to see. Again just a great place to visit and relax.

Ivory Club Bar
One of the quiet smoking bars on board the Carnival Glory

Nassau, The Bahamas (Port of Call)
Our first stop on our 7-Day excursion. Have to say this was not one of our top favorites that we have visited. From the second we entered into the port until the moment we were leaving we felt like we were in Cozumel again. The local would be non-stop trying to make us take a tour and they would not GO AWAY. They do not take no for an answer, it starts to become very annoying. Even when we are shopping they try to sell you EVERYTHING. It was crazy. Also getting to the port early was not the best. Nothing opened until an hour or two until after we got in and walking around. We decided for next time to try and go over to Atlantis and hang out there.

Old Glory Atrium
The atrium was nice with the changing colors, however there is a large space with just a plain color, wish they will add to it and spice it up.

On the Green Sports Bar
Right off the shops and casino, here is a place to relax with a drink and watch the big games.

Port of Miami (Home Port)
Port of Miami is always simple and easy to get around in. Always a wait, just depends on what time you get there. Usually opens the terminal at 10am then you go through security and check in, also set up sail and sign account. You usually get on after 11:30am or so.

Red Sail Restaurant
This is the main buffet on board the Carnival Glory

San Juan, Puerto Rico (Port of Call)
Our next stop was Old San Juan, it very basic inside the terminal. Once outside we thought we were in Nassau, but the locals were upfront and told us we will tell you about the excursion and if you don't like it you don't have to do it, if you do it and don't like it you don't have to pay. Other ones you would say no, they will say "have a great day, maybe next time". We enjoy that, we know their are excursions so no need to bug the heck out of us to go on one. Once outside it started to have a steady rain, and it was jam packed with people. We were close to going back to the ship. We ended up in the upstairs of the cruise terminal (which has nothing but a shop). Then we ended up going back outside again and walking around for a while. It ended up being a very nice time.

Seaside Theatre & Deck
Make sure to check out the Fun-Times to see what movies are playing at night, also free popcorn at the bar. As well as some of the best parties! Breakfast time at sea isn't boring here, they have a morning show that the cruise director host, really cool.

Serenity Deck
Adults only section of the ship. Located in the Forward section on the top two decks.

Ship Photos & Entertainment
Entertainment was amazing on board, the staff is so great at their jobs. We had so much fun, along with great gifts and just an amazing time.

Cruise Director Josh and Patrick during formal night.

Spa Carnival
The spa is a great place to come and relax or break a sweat. They also have a small pool and jacuzzi inside the gym.

Sports Deck
Here are some pictures of the sports deck. Sometimes there are free throw contest and mini golf tournaments.

St. Thomas, USVI (Port of Call)
This had to be one of the best ports we have been to. The water was so beautiful and the view was amazing. The ride that takes you to the top of the hill is located about a 1/4 mile (at most) away from the ships, every time we saw had a long line at it. It would have looked even nicer from up there. All of the locals were so friendly and the environment was great. Unlike Nassau and Cozumel, the locals did not make you buy anything and take you places, they were more then welcoming to everyone. Can not wait to go back.

Sushi Bar
Sushi is served every night around 5pm to 8pm, it is free and really delicious.

White Heat Dance Club
Here is the main club on board. Lots of different size candles and the red carpet treatment really adds to the fun you will have inside this club.


  1. Loved the Glory. The entertainment staff is really amazing!!! Love the pictures and the reviews!!!

    Jimmie from Washington State!

    1. Cruise Addict JunkieJune 14, 2013 at 7:20 AM

      Thank you Jimmie!

  2. Nice cruise review and great pics. Looking forward to going on the glory in may.


    1. Cruise Addict JunkieNovember 6, 2013 at 3:11 AM

      Thank you! You will have a blast on the Glory!

  3. A person who went on the Carnival Glory and LOVED IT!!!!!November 1, 2015 at 1:32 PM

    I went in February 2015 and had a BLAST! As a 12 year old, I recognize a lot of these things, we went to Half Moon Cay, Grand Turk, San Juan, and then St. Thomas, along with two sea days. This was my first cruise, and my family and I may go on another in April!