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Kendron Valley Inn (May 2014)

Kendron Valley Inn

10671 S Rd, South Woodstock, VT 05071
(May 2014)

"Would recommend highly"
We had room 37 the log cabin style room. Amazing the room was so much bigger than pictures showed. Loved the fireplace. The breakfast was awesome too. Perfect place to get away from it all! The town itself doesn't have much to offer. Things close early and we went to Bentleys the service was horrible. We would stay again and make sure the Inns restaurant is open!


  1. Looks really quaint and quiet. Very peaceful .

    Sindy Fleroen - Fort Myers FL

  2. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful place. I am always looking for something nice and not a chain.

    Martin and Harriet


  3. My family and I are very interested in an experience like this. We will have to check out the resort. Thank you so much

    The Moore Family