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Celebrity Constellation (Jan 2013)

Celebrity Constellation
Celebrity Constellation

2-Night Bahamas

1/19/13: Miami, Florida
1/20/13: Great Stirrup, Bahamas
1/21/13: Miami, Florida

"We're home!"

This was our first time on Celebrity Cruise Lines. Unlike Norwegian the week before this trip was amazing. The ship was hands down the best looking and most relaxing out of the seven others we have been on. We were greeted as soon as we were on board by free champagne, so that right there we knew it would be something different. We stepped in the Grand Foyer and was just blown away. Just so beautiful in every way. The food on this ship was really good and a bit of different varieties compared to other ships. Entertainment was good, we saw one show called iHollywood, which takes you through the times of movies and the dancers and singers re-enact the moments throughout the history. The show was really great. The Reflection’s Lounge was where the night-time parties and dancing was. Really amazing and really fun. Dis-Embarkation was horrible. We will get into that below along with many other things. So the question is will we ever go on another Celebrity Cruise again? Well the answer will be……YES! Even though there were somethings we did not like or understand we would return. Certain things we now know for next time. Overall the ship itself is one we will return to, along with the line.

- Décor of the ship was absolutely amazing! From the Grand Foyer to Ocean Liners. Everything was an eye-catcher.
- Dining with others was great. We don’t think we could have had any more fun with anyone else on that ship. Always talking and just felt so great connecting and having a great time. One of the best high-lights on this cruise. Only bad part was the cruise was just too short.
- Entertainment was great. So many varieties of shows, games, movies, and live entertainment to choose from both nights.
- The cinema is not an outdoor one like some other ships we been on and that are out. It was indoors and often showed movies and games.
- Solarium was one of the best parts of the trip. It was just so relaxing and quiet. Away from the screaming and yelling of kids and just very mellow. Can't wait to do it again!
- The staff was very accommodating to us, especially the Maitre D’, he was very helpful with the having no pants issue. Which is explained in detail below.
- The sail away is usually the best thing we enjoy about cruising. We had a total of 7 ships (including us) in port with us. We had all different ships and sizes from the Norwegian Epic to the Disney Wonder, also behind us (by a couple of feet) was the Carnival Breeze, which was host this week to the “Blogger Cruise 6”. Which we were invited on to go. However could not go for that long since we were already booked on an 8-night on the Breeze in March. Just the amount of ships leaving was amazing. It is so much fun to see some of the ships and waving to others. We even saw Celebrities new ship called the Reflection, which is an amazing looking ship. So many pictures we got of all of the ships. It was also something new we had was our ship pulled out sideways. We were only feet (literary) from the NCL Epic and the CCL Breeze.

- Casino was very cramped. It was like they decided to stick all of the machines everywhere. Some were impossible to even get to or move around once there. Also there was no luck there for us.
- Room service we usually get on the last morning before we dis-embark the vessel. Well we had no idea that they do not offer this on the ships. We woke up and went outside to check for a stateroom or any additional paperwork on the door and noticed that the tag was still on the door.
- Also during dis-embankment morning, we had until 8:45am or so to be out of the cabin. We went to breakfast around 7:00am and as we left (luggage still open and in the cabin) we saw our room steward, who saw us without any luggage so he knew we would be back. So we get back to the room a little while later and the bed was made and the room was straightened up. We did not have the Do Not Disturb door tag up, however we did not like the fact that they just go into the room (knowing were not fully out of it) and just tidy up and all that. We understand that they have a job to do, but at least wait until we are out of the room. Just felt a little violated with that.
- Leaving the ship was absolutely no fun at all. First off we saw the outside camera from the tv and we noticed that the ship was not in the same terminal as when we left. It was actually at the other end of the port! A half mile away was our garage from the terminal we were at. We called Guest Services to see if they will provide transportation, they said no. They were not allowed to have any crew member leave the terminal. Which okay we understand that. We also asked what if someone was in a wheelchair, they said they can provide a chair, but it was not up to them to get you from the terminal to the garage. They were not rude about it like Norwegian was with everything; it was basically out of their control. They were very nice the entire time with every issue we had. Very professional. Once we got out of the terminal to the street level there were shuttles that transported you for free to the terminals.
- According to the daily guide and on Celebrity’s website, pants had to be worn in the dining room. Does not say for men and women also in the main show lounge. We had forgotten to pack them in our luggage, so we called the desk and they said you were unable to attend dinner and you must eat at the buffet. We actually had to go down to Guest Services to ask them if the clothing we were wearing was acceptable. They said “no”, however we may be wrong since it only being a 2-night cruise to the Bahamas, so try going to the Main Dining Room and talk to the Maitre D’. So we went there and asked him. He told us not to worry about it and it is fine, just for longer cruises it will be more enforced. The Main Show Lounge he said not too harsh with it. We asked what if they stop us at the dining room. He gave us his card and said “Who will stop you? Just hand them my card and have them talk to me”. He was really good about that situation.
- Children at the pool area were so over-whelming. At points they were in the hot tubs along with taking basketballs and volleyballs from other pools and just being kids. Of course the parents were nowhere to be found, since we were in Nassau and the entire ship they think is a day care.

Acupuncture (Deck 7, MID)
Hidden in the middle of deck 7, here is the Acupuncture center.

Alpha Meeting Room (Deck 3, MID)
Here are some photos of the Alpha Meeting Room.

Aqua Spa & Aqua Spa Café (Deck 10, FWD)
This was another highlight of our cruise. The Solarium was absolutely amazing, the most relaxing area on the ship. Which that is the intention. No kids allowed which is a plus. There are a couple of hot tubs along with a big pool. Which is not the normal pool; it is heated with relaxing build in areas to sit. Just an amazing experience and excellent addition to the ship.

Beta Meeting Room

Here are some photos of the Beta Meeting Room.

Bistro on Five (Deck 5, MID)
We did not eat here, however it is open all the time as well as late night. You do have to pay a fee to dine, but looks worth it.

Board Room

Here are some photos of the Board Room.

Café Al Bacio (Deck 5, MID)
Here is the coffee area on board.

Captain’s Club (Deck 3, MID)
Guessing this is the area for Captain’s questions? Not too sure.

Celebrity Theater (Deck 3, 4 & 5, FWD)
This is the Main Show Lounge on the ship. It is by far the best and largest one we have ever had. Very open and lots of balcony seating, along with sections on the sides of the wall that have flame-less lights that appear to look like flames. Really beautiful and very large. If you’re looking to take pictures (No Flash Photography or Video Recording), sit in the middle of the first balcony. I think that is the best photo’s we have ever gotten.

(Our Cruise Director Esperanza)

Cellar Masters (Deck 5, MID)
Here are some of the pictures from this area.

Cinema (Deck 3, MID)
During the entire cruise this was the place showing a lot of great movies such as, Rock of Ages, Spider-Man & the Playoff Games. Really nice place to sit and relax. Each seat has a small pull out table for a drink and something small. Also it is easy to see the screen from anywhere, really good sized area.

Crush (Deck 4, MID)
This is one of the many bars on the ship. Located right next to the Martini Bar this place looked amazing. It is a real eye-catching with the design of the seating area. Really “cool” look to it.

Emporium (Deck 5, FWD)
This ship had a very large variety of shops on board. Really large and open area with liquor tastings on our first night. Lot’s of really great shops to choose from along with some really expensive names to choose from as well.

Fitness Center & Spa (Deck 10, FWD)
The fitness center is in the front of the ship and is really nice and open. Along with a bunch of other great amenities to choose from.

Food Pictures

The food on board was not horrible. Had a little bit of everything. Some was really good, some not so much. Also the deli wraps were tasty, however the fries they serve are out of this world amazing. We heard that they also served sushi, but unfortunately never found it. The MDR was really good, so much variety. The every night menu was really good. Pizza on board was good at moments and not so good at others. Not better then Norwegian and better then Carnival, so their pizza was right in the middle. The pasta station was so good! The serve and cook it right in front of you, they have usually 3 types of pasta and about 6 different sauces also meatballs. The ice cream station had fresh ice cream with some great toppings to choose from. Really enjoyed the food everywhere. 

Fortunes Casino (Deck 4, FWD)
The casino was very cramped and very crowded at times. During the day time when it was empty it was very easy to see from one side to the other. At night time, not so much. There were machines so on top of each other that you couldn’t even get to them without moving a group of people. If you got lucky enough to get to the machine you might not be so lucky when you wanted to get out. Maybe that is the idea of their casino is to keep you in there. Also they have a ton of new machines; they have a couple of older machines towards the entrances of the casino. Couldn’t find any of the normal machines that we usually enjoy playing, mostly all updated newer types. Resulting in a losing trip.

Fun Factory (Deck 11, AFT)
This is the children’s section of the ship.

Gamma Meeting Room

Here are some photos of the Gamma Meeting Room.

Gelateria (Deck 5, MID)
Between this is the Café, just the amazing smell of baked goods and the tastes of fresh ice cream are so over-whelming and mouth-watering. We sat in the area for a half hour or so just relaxing and a little bit of sleeping.

Grand Foyer (Deck 3,4 & 5, MID)
This was a beautiful and well opened area on the ship. As soon as we got on and had some champagne we were blown away with the design of the foyer. The long drapes were changed on our last day to pictures on old movie stars such as Marilyn Monroe. The reason is that the next cruise is going to be TCM (Turner Classic Movies) Specialty cruise. With some actors and actress from older movies. The cruise will be showing classic movies along with holding meet & greets along with Q&A’s. Looked really amazing the way they transformed this area along with many of the other areas of the ship.

Guest Relations (Deck 3, MID)
Here are some shots of Guest Relations, who were more than helpful for the most part.

Library (Deck 8 & 9, MID)
Did not get a chance to go to the 2nd level of the library, however it is open 24hrs and you can play board games at any time which was a plus.

Martini Bar (Deck 4, MID)
Next to Crush this place was always packed with people.

Michael’s Club (Deck 4, FWD)
This is a small place next to the photo gallery. Nightly music was always blasting in this small lounge.

Nassau, The Bahamas (Port of Call)
Well, not too much to say about this port. Since we have already been here several times in the last year. Did not get off the ship and stayed on to relax and take pictures. Possibly next time we will get off and do an excursion. Here are some photos of the local area once you get off the ship along with Atlantis.

Ocean Liners (Deck 3, MID)
The theme here was mostly from the olden days, White Star Line. Not including Titanic. Much of her sister ships were showcased in this dining room. Just looking at the décor and the old menu items on display and just many of the other items throughout the dining room just gives you a feel of how things were a long time ago on ships.

Online @ Celebrity (Deck 6, MID)
Here is the internet area of the ship.

Photo Gallery (Deck 4, FWD)
The Photo Gallery on board.

Pool & Sun Deck (Deck 10, FWD)
Unlike the normal opened deck, this was very cramped for any type of massive party. It does look amazing and relaxing with the two pools and numerous hot tubs. Somewhat the same style as the NCL Sky.

Pool Grille (Deck 10, FWD)
Here are some pictures of the Pool Grille.

Port of Miami (Homeport)
This is always a highlight of any cruise for us. Even at other ports, being able to see all of the other ships. However the homeport usually is the best port, reason is every ship leaves close to the same time so all of the ships have parties around the same time. It just is an awesome way to kick off the vacation. The deck parties are usually the loudest on the Carnival Ships.

Reflections Lounge (Deck 11, FWD)
This lounge was busy day and night. Numerous wedding receptions and plenty of music and dancing until the late night hours. This area was huge and a lot of fun.

Rendezvous Lounge (Deck 4, MID)
This is one of the many relaxing lounges on board.

San Marco Restaurant (Deck 4 & 5, AFT)
The dining room was very amazing looking and very open. The large two floor window was amazing, especially on the our first day when we look out and see the Carnival Breeze sitting only a few feet from us. The food options were good and we enjoyed it very much. We sat with two other couples and we just had an amazing time talking and enjoying everyone’s company. We could not have asked for anything more. Just a lot of fun and laughs. Maybe one day we can all meet up again on another ship?

Seaside Café & Grill (Deck 10 MID-AFT)
Located in middle to back of the ship the options are various on some of the items you want to indulge on. Such as a pizza spot, sushi bar and sandwich area.

Shore Excursions & Future Cruise Sales (Deck 3, MID)
Here are some pictures of the Excursions desk along with the Future Cruise area.

Sports Deck (Deck 11, FWD-AFT)
Here are some shots of the sports deck.

Sunset Bar (Deck 10, AFT)
Located in the back of the ship is the Sunset Bar, nice place to sit and eat or have a drink and look out into the ocean or port of call.

Tuscan Grille (Deck 11, MID)
Here are some great shots of this beautiful and well-opened restaurant on board.

Wine Cellar (Deck 3, MID)
Located right next to Ocean Liner’s this is a room with one table surrounded by hundreds of wine bottles, an experience like none other.


  1. Love the pictures, the ship looked amazing.

    Cristine - CT

    1. Cruise Addict JunkieJune 14, 2013 at 7:27 AM

      Thank you for those kind words Cristine, yes the ship is amazing. Will do it again!

  2. Awesome!!! We are going on this ship in October and we can not wait!!! Love the pics and the blog!!!

    Jackson from Miami,FL

  3. The ship looks like a dream! Thank you I know I will be booking on this ship.