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Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Seas (April 2013)

Majesty of the Seas

Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Seas
3-Night Bahamas
04/19/2013: Miami, FL
04/20/2013: Coco Cay, Bahamas (Cruise Line Private Island)
04/21/2013: Nassau, Bahamas
04/22/2013: Miami, FL

"No WOW factor for us!"

Majesty of the Seas was our first time on Royal Caribbean. Overall we were not blown away. Celebrity Constellation (sister company to Royal Caribbean) had an amazing "wow factor" to it, being greeted with champagne once boarding. Majesty of the Seas is a ship over 20 years old, however very rarely did you see her age. The ship was very nice and very well maintained. Our room was in a perfect spot, located on level three forward. We were in a short walking distance of our dining room and a short elevator ride up to the buffet and other food venues. We got to the port around noon and got on board fairly quickly. Coco Cay in some ways did not out beat Great Stirrup Cay. Still very relaxing and nice, a bit of an overcast sky and swimming areas were not large. On the plus side, tons of areas to swim and enjoy yourself throughout the island. With a small area for shopping. A private island was a plus in the booking of this cruise. It was a last minute vacation, more of a weekend getaway. Other options included Norwegian Sky, which we already cruised on earlier in the year. Also Carnival Imagination, which we declined since it was an overnight stay in Nassau, which we had been to several times already. Moving along to the entertainment on board, after being on 10 different cruises and multiple lines each line and each person in charge has their own way of doing things. Our cruise director was by far not over the top and had a different sense of humor along with an odd way of doing things. His morning show at points included him sitting around in a tank top with a buddy working out and poking fun at the guys on the Jersey Shore. Which for a minute or two was funny, but after 20 minutes got annoying. Most of it was pointless and made no sense. However it was his way and some people I'm sure enjoyed it very much. When it comes to parties, Carnival hands down wins over everyone else. So much energy and fun for anyone and everyone. Another thing Majesty of the Seas was lacking was the activities on board throughout the day and night. Not much to do, many things were happening at the same times as other things. Shows were minutes apart from dinner services. As soon as one show started people had to rush straight to dinner. The last night of the cruise many people look to get off early the next morning, the comedy act and some other popular things were late at night when people would be sleeping or packing up. Food was good, lots of different variety. We did enjoy the size of the ship. We have been on ships from 70,000 tons to 130,000 tons. So from being on the largest we had ever been on currently (Carnival Breeze) to one of the smallest (Majesty of the Seas) just a couple of weeks apart, actually had a much better time on a smaller ship. Now for a minute lets compare the two. Both ships we were in the front of the ship. Getting from point A to point B on Majesty was simply a "Breeze", just easy and quick. So overall we had a really nice relaxing weekend on board. After having one of our worst cruises a couple weeks prior and thinking we might be over cruising, taking Majesty of the Seas we realized we were not sick of cruising at all. It is honestly the best vacation to go on. One day you are in Miami and the next in the Bahamas, then off to another country and so on. It is truly a great experience and a lot of fun. Short or long cruises, small or large ships. Each cruise will be different every time. Will we take Royal Caribbean again? Yes, each cruise has ups and downs but I (Patrick) feel that each ship is different from the next. Each section (entertainment, dining, etc...) is different from ship to ship and the person running it. Each line, is different for it's own things, however each ship has something different to offer. So basically going on Majesty of the Seas now and going on it again 6 months later, you will see a difference. Just like we did on the Carnival Breeze, same exact ship but different crew. Which does sometimes makes a world of difference, sometimes for the better. Prior to going on Royal Caribbean, they introduced the new Quantum of the Seas, which will debut in 2014 (November). We tried to get information and brochures, but it was too soon for them to have it on the ships. So we will try and either get on this ship or in hopes of her sister ship Anthem of the Seas that will be in a closer port.


- Similar to sister company Celebrity, Royal Caribbean had a very relaxing feel to the ship. The pool deck was overly spacious and open, making it never feel to crowded. Lot's of time to sit back and relax.
- Public bathrooms were very big compared to other ships. However stateroom bathrooms were the opposite.
- We had a porthole room that we booked as an Oceanview, the room was enjoyable and the bed was comfy. Which one side of the bed is against a wall, still very relaxing. Perfect location in the front making it very easy to go to and from the buffet/food venues.
- Coco Cay was relaxing, and big. Liked the idea that it had different sections for different water events and sports. Similar to Great Stirrup Cay, Coco Cay also had a bbq lunch with the same setup and items.
- Drinks we strong, and the price was pretty close to land.
- Food variety was very good you could always find something from the buffet or on the menu.
- Found the ship to be clean and well kept for a 20 plus year old ship.
- Johnny Rockets was worth the $4.95 per person. The menu is small but still a nice variety to it. Shakes are NOT included in the price, which sucks. However the portions are big and you will leave full. Food was not amazing, but late at night and you want something to munch on this is the perfect place to be. Here is a little tip, you are allowed to do take out if you want.  So if you do not want to eat there you can either go back to your stateroom or relax somewhere else on the ship. Ton's of quiet areas to go and relax.
- 1:00am throughout the ship is a mandatory curfew for all guests under the age of 18 that are not participating in Adventure Ocean or Teen Activities.
- Often posted were signs not to save seats for any of the shows.

- Public bathrooms had a horrible smell in most of them. Sometimes I had to hold my breath just to use them.

- If paying cash, you can not set up your on board account until after the Safety Briefing. However, they give you a $300 credit until you set it up. Paying with a card you take care of before you board.
- The toilet in our stateroom was the worst it was in an awkward spot, also broke at one point and had to be fixed.
- Nightly was hard to find any (free) food to grub on. Buffets closed normal times and the only thing open was pizza (which was not the best) and Johnny Rockets (which had a $4.95pp charge, not including shakes).
- Hated that they closed off sections of the buffet to clean, I'm glad they clean but not while people are trying to find seats to eat. Also closing off sections just to set up.
- Wish there was more to do during the day other than sitting at the pool if you stayed on the ship. Lack of activities majorly. Norwegian by far had the most things and variety of things to do day and night. Was expecting more.
- If you use splenda in the dining room ask for it.
- The first cruise we have been on that we had to ask for things its like they wanted you to tell them what to do. Also with the stateroom, our steward asked if we wanted it made up. On the first day we said night right now and we never got turn down service that night. Every other time we had to put the "please make room" sign on the door.

A Chorus Line Lounge
Really enjoyed the lounge. Found it to be very comfortable and liked that the seats had cup holders, just did not fit most of the drinks available. Really enjoyed the comedian, Rich Purpua. The production show Boogie Wonderland, was the sounds of ABBA, Earth, Wind, & Fire along with many of other top 70's hits. This was also where the comedy was located, with no comedy like other ships, this was perfect. However the scheduling of shows and activities were not organized at all, all different hours and days. Missed most of it.

 Boleros Lounge
Spent a lot of time here. They had Salsa dance classes and Wii bowling tournaments during the day. Found it to be a nice place to relax.

Boutiques of Centrum
Here are some of pictures from the onboard shops. Much like Celebrity Constellation they were placed nice and very open.

Cafe Latte-Tudes
Only place to actually get coffee for most of the day and night.

Casino Royale
Really enjoyed the Vegas style casinos. Using quarters was unlike any other Casino we have been on. Honestly I couldnt figure out how you can really win it would take me 1 hour to use 20.00. But it was fun.

Here are some pictures of the Majesty's Centrum.

 Compass Deli

There were many options at the deli from egg salad, tuna, cuban, ham and cheese and unique options. Or build your own.

Johnny Rockets

Really enjoyed the meal and athmosphere here. For the price of $4.95 it was worth it and you can get all you want. One thought we didn't think of but we saw was take out. Next time for sure we will try take out. Also milkshakes are at for additional charges.

Moonlight & Starlight Dining Room
Served both breakfast and lunch. No idea where had either, both looked similar. In a great location and very short walking distance to our room.

 Schooner Bar
Right off from the Casino this bar always had people just hanging out and relaxing. Much like the Carnival Breeze no sports games on any of the televisions. So try wearing a Miami Heat jersey and everyone coming up to you for the score.

 Ship Photo's
  Majesty of the Seas is around 20 years old, but did not really show it's age. Even though this was one of the smallest ships we had ever been on it was sure one of the nicest. The decor throughout was very enjoyable. The most impressive area for this smaller ship was the pool deck. The pools were actually bigger and deck space was very spacious. Our stateroom was an Oceanview (actually porthole), the bed was against the wall, at first we did not know what to think, but it actually was very comfy. 

 Sorrento's Pizza
Frozen crust and not the best pizza. Something to eat at the late night hours since everything else is either closed or pay a fee.

 Sports Deck
  A simple basketball court, which was always empty and a rock climbing wall which we never saw in use. Court was nothing like the Carnival Breeze.

  Viking Crown Lounge
Located on the top of the ship the room gives you a 360 degree view of where ever you are. However walking on the floor makes you feel like it is ready to crumble at any minute.

  Windjammer Cafe

Really enjoyed the differences of the food selection. They had daily pasta, salad and different choices from wings, hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, rice, and various other items. In the afternoon snack time was Mexican, wings and other yummy snacks. The make your own ice cream sundae was great. However it was often closed off and made you feel like cattle being moved around from place to place. Really disliked that.



  1. Cant wait to see the pictures

  2. Awesome page!!! We did this ship a few years ago, glad you had a great time!!!

  3. Amy from Florida loved the ship, loved the island!

  4. Scott from Tulsa

    My wife and I are going on the Majestic of the Seas in June. It is our 10 year anniversery. This will be our first cruise. We are so excited. I have found a great deal of information about the Majestic. I have had had a difficult time find information concerning the shows. In fact, this the first review that has mentioned any of them. If you have any further information. Please email me at

    Thank you


  5. When Majesty of the Seas was a new ship I was a musician on board. I LOVED that beautiful ship! I'm so glad to see that it's still the Majesty. I'd sign on to be playing in the quintet in Boleros, with 2 nights on the show band per week, for a 3-6 month stretch, tomorrow -- if I didn't have the life and responsibilities I have today.

  6. Cool view and the meals look tasty and beautiful..cain't wait to go with my husband that will be our first time. Lol

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