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Carnival Freedom (Sept 2012)

Carnival Freedom
Carnival Freedom

6-Night Southern Caribbean
09/02/12: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
09/03/12: Key West, Florida
09/04/12: Fun Day at Sea
09/05/12: Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
09/06/12: Ocho Rios, Jamaica
09/07/12: Fun Day at Sea
09/08/12: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

"Some good, some bad, just another cruise in the books."

Carnival Freedom was a great ship. The second we walked in we were inside the atrium and it just blew us away. The unique decor was just memorizing. We got involved in a lot of the trivia and events on board and parties at night, so much fun. Only downfall to the cruise was the port, it was just very dingy looking (like a warehouse) and very awkward once inside. We had a small waiting area, upside to that was this was the earliest we ever got on any ship, by 12pm we were already having lunch on the Lido deck. Coming back to port was a bit crazy, instead of getting off on deck 3 (lobby), we got off on deck 0. It was just a pain carrying around the luggage and then walking from the front of the ship to the back to get into customs in a long line (moved decently). Then to get to the carport we had to walk from the length of the back of the ship to the front, so that was a early morning workout for us. Other then that we had a great time, better then we both thought we would have. We did not travel with our normal Cruise Director Josh, although we did have him on board with us in a way. Lately people have been getting cut outs of his head and posing with pictures around their ships. So we had to do the same. People were just looking at us at points like we were crazy, but who cares, it is what we enjoy. Our new CD was Jacques, he did a good job, nice guy. We both wish this ship would change to Miami just to go out of that port, either way a great trip, so sad to have left. Much like our trip on the Glory, I (Patrick) made myself a celeb for the week. I was everywhere, all the trivia all the on stage games all the sports tournaments. Just getting involved in everything I saw that I wanted to do. My lovely wife (Christine) also joined in on the fun with the trivia. She tried to get on stage at one point, but no luck. Me on the other hand was dancing and shoving coins in my butt for a game with my team, also dancing on numerous occasions in the lobby in front of a bunch of people. We just enjoyed every minute of that cruise, minus donating money to the lovely casino.

- Decor of the ship we loved, best so far.
- Staff was super friendly and helpful with anything we needed.
- Ticket to Ride show, it was a tribute to The Beatles, the show was great and the energy from the crowd was nothing we had from any show before. At one point they passed out glow sticks to everyone in the room and we waved them to some of the songs along with confetti flying down from the ceiling.
- Trivia was so much fun, we won a lot of great prizes.
- We ended up at the Hairy Chest Contest during the day, we never saw it live before, it was awesome to see it.
- Mega Deck Party was a lot of fun, we danced and conga lined and just had a lot of fun.
- Steakhouse demo was a must, we basically was showed a four course meal and had samples and like always the food was amazing.
- Spider-man was also on the cruise with us. We were watching Spider-man in the outside theater (which we enjoyed a lot), then about 40 minutes or so into it we see someone on deck 10 in a Spider-man costume, the guy ran around like the character from the movie. Not to sure if it was Carnival Staff or just a guest.
- Showcase of Stars was a on board talent show, it had it's moments. It was nothing over the top, but we enjoyed seeing the show, it was something different. 

- In Ocho Rios, Jamaica it was 10 times worst then Nassau. The locals are so far up your butt it just gets annoying.
- Late night snacks at the grill were no longer available, but in subsitute they offered a small buffet at the sushi bar, of small cookies and patties. Just horrible, did not care for that at all.
- Casino was very similar to the Glory, NO LUCK!!! We had moments that we were doing good, but ended up only walking away with empty hands.
- Cappuccino was now being charged in the Main Dining Room, that was a downfall, we used to enjoy it.
- Around 1am on the last night of the cruise we hear a guy yelling "Get the F up!!" then at 3am a group of drunk guys were yelling and screaming down the halls.
- Disembarkation was no fun, we got woken up to (at 6:30am) the cruise director already doing self assist by deck. We went to sleep for a couple more minutes then ended up getting packed up and we were off by 7:30am.
- Room size was not great, we wanted to try a interior room. We had a chair and a king size bed. The bed like always was amazing. Just the size was a bit nuts a points. No real room to move around.
- Ship on a Stick, we usually try to win this the first night, however we did not get any until the 3rd day, they had ran out the cruise before and they were waiting to get unpacked. However the upside is we walked out with 3 of those and two medals and a bottle of champagne. The prizes this time were not as great as we saw on the past cruises. No towels or robes or things like that, just a lot of champagne, ships & medals. Which were fine.
- Past guest reception we did not have due to the change of Carnival's cruise plan, which is no longer determined by number of cruises, but determined of the number of cruise days taken. Which sucks, because we have two four-day cruises in November that we are taking, but they don't do the parties on any cruise less then a five-day.
- Future cruise talk was a really waste of time, we only go to get free prizes. This time they got slick, we had to wait until the end then they did a raffle, we were like, okay we will stay. So about an hour later, they say sign up for a credit card and you enter the raffle.
- The Big Easy was a New Orleans style show. We did not really care for it much at all, we ended up leaving in the middle of it.

70's Dance Club
Take a step back into time in the 70's Dance Club. Really great feel to this club.

Babylon Casino & Bar
Try out a hand in Blackjack or Poker. Or just slip a dollar bill into one of the hundreds of slot machines. You never know what you will win.

Bar Nouveau Wine Bar
A very nice bar near the back of the ship. After the shows at night come on by and enjoy a great cocktail.

Chic Dining Room
Here is one of the beautiful main dining rooms on board the Carnival Freedom.

Endless Pool & Bar
Great area just to sit and relax. On rainy days the roof will actually close and making it indoor.

Entertainment & Parties
Here are some of the many entertainment activities on board you can check out or get in part of.

Freedom Restaurant
This is the Lido buffet. Enjoy your favorite foods and desserts.

Fun Shops
Carnival has some of the best shops on board their ships. One side you have all designer watches, purses and jewelry. On the other side some great souvenirs and liquor. Also each day they have some amazing deals that you must check out.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands (Port of Call)
This was our second time here at the Cayman Islands. There are a lot of places to shop and eat at. Most of the fun is on excursions. We are not ones to really take them (as of yet), however it is a really beautiful place to be.

Habana Bar
This Cuban themed bar is located on deck 4 along with the internet cafe. It has a really cool theme to it, especially with all the cigar shaped bar stools.

International Lounge
This lounge is used for comedy along with several demos and auctions.

Key West, Florida (Port of Call)
This was our second time at Key West. However this time we docked at another dock. Which is not through the Military base like on the Carnival Destiny. It is a nice down to earth place. Lots of great shops and plenty of things to do.

Meiji Sushi
Here is the sushi bar on board. They serve right before dinner (around 5pm to 8:15pm).

Millennium Atrium
This was the most beautiful and breath taken atrium we have ever seen. It is a great color and the shapes are also throughout the promenade.

Ocho Rios, Jamaica (Port of Call)
This was our first time at this port. Hopefully the last time too. It was really horrible. Nassau is a dream compared to Ocho Rios. The locals are really really really pushy and annoying. They won't take no for an answer. They will actually follow you down the street trying to take a tour somewhere or buy something.

Pizzeria & Tandoor Station
Located in the back of the ship. The Tandoor station is open during the day time and part night. The pizza is 24 hours a day. You can also request your own pizza, but be patient. We been on several occasions at all hours of the day and night and always expect a wait. Even at two in the morning expect to wait at least a half hour at times. 

Players' Sports Bar
Right off the Casino is the sports bar. Watch a game and have a beer.

Port Everglades (Homeport)
This was our homeport. We live about 30 minutes away from here so it is really easy to get to. The terminal itself is a wreck. It is basically a large warehouse. However the upside is we got on the earliest that we ever had before. The downfall when we got back it took us about 30 minutes to get off the ship and past customs (with our luggage). We walked from one end of the ship to the other in the heat with all of our luggage in a long long line.

Posh Dining Room
This is the second dining room on the Carnival Freedom.

Scott's Piano Bar
The Piano Bar is located next the to dance club, lounges and wine bar. Stop by for some great piano entertainment. This is a very unique looking room.

Seaside Theatre
All of the outside fun and movies are here. Be sure to check out your Fum-Times everyday to see what is happening each day of your cruise.

Serenity Deck
Nice place to sit and relax without the kids everywhere. There are plenty of chairs and hot tubs.

Ship Photos
Here are some more photos around the Carnival Freedom.

Sports Deck
Here is a great 9 hole mini golf course. Along with a half basketball court and volleyball.

Sun King Restaurant
This is the steakhouse on board. Very elegant decor. Also on of the days there will be a cooking demo. MAKE SURE you check this out. They give you the chance to sample some of the amazing food they cook. They gave us four dishes each of samples. You will leave full, so skip lunch for that day and check it out. Here is a quick hint, get there early. Seats do fill up really quick and space is limited.

Swingtime Jazz Club
Here is a very quiet bar located in the back of the ship next to the comedy club. Enjoy a smoke and a brandy in this Jazz club.

Victoriana Lounge
Here is the main show lounge. Almost every night there will be Bingo to play or check out some of the amazing production shows they offer.

Viennese Cafe
Cafe located near the casino. Plenty of cakes, pastries and drinks to choose from. Great place to stop and grab a cup before your big day of cruising.

Wok Station
Everyday the items change a bit. Very great place to eat. Be prepared to wait in line for a bit. Also most of the food is spicy to taste buds beware.


  1. Thank you so much for posting these lovely pictures. We are considering Freedom for our next cruise.

    1. Cruise Addict JunkieDecember 5, 2012 at 12:32 PM

      It was a really wonderful ship. Such a great staff and so friendly. Any questions please let us know!

    2. Thank You for all the great pix and information about the Freedom, and the ports, too. I have been warned about Ocho Rios,.We are cruising on Freedom because she stops in Jamica. My sister really wantd to go to Jamica. I had a feeling we should have taken the Montgo Bay cruise. Oh well too late now, we board Freedom in 45 days!

  2. I LOVED the Freedom and would cruise with them again in a heartbeat!

    1. It was a really beautiful and fun ship. It was actually much better then the ports we went to. Great overall staff, one of the best.

  3. Was there anything on the ship that you could not do because it was just too crowded or were you always able to find something entertaining? Were the pools and hot tubs crowded?

    1. Cruise Addict JunkieApril 3, 2013 at 5:56 AM

      Hi Jennifer, the ship was crowded at points just depends. Much like most ship "Sea Days" are the busiest times for pools and open decks. Port days tend to be less busy since a lot of people will get off. The ship offered tons of things to do, it really depends on the cruise director and what he has planned. They all have a different style to the way the do and plan things out. The pools and hottubs always had people in them, more on sea days and when the most people are on the ship. Best bet on a port day stay on the ship.

  4. Thanks for sharing! Great info for our upcoming cruise!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it!!!


  5. Thanks for all the great pictures. We are sailing on the Freedon on July 21, 2013. I have sailed numerous Carnival ships but not this one. I am looking forward to it.

    1. We didn't expect to like it as much as we did. As soon as you walk in you get that "wow" factor. Just an amazing ship!!! Would do it again in a heartbeat!