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Carnival Breeze (Nov 2012)

Carnival Breeze
Carnival Breeze

2-Night Bahamas
11/22/12: Miami, Florida
11/23/12: Nassau, Bahamas
11/24/12: Miami, Florida

"All the fun in two days!"

Here is how we ended up on here for two days. We originally had a 3-Day booked, between Carnival Imagination and Majesty of the Seas. We ended up canceling a few months ago. We then had plans on going up to Orlando and going to the parks. That about two weeks before leaving was scrapped and we booked the Carnival Breeze. The special thing about this trip is that it is going to be the Cruise Directors Conference, but more importantly it will be the Breeze's first sailing in the United States. So we are super excited to get on board and check out everything she has to offer. Only downfall is it being 2 Days. So one real full day, then back home. Either way doing a cruise the week before on the Carnival Glory's first sailing from Dry Dock with all the 2.0 upgrades to going on the Breeze for her first US sailing, that is really special and remarkable.

- Each night having two different shows was great. However we won't expect it for an 8-night.
- Our cruise director Butch Begovich was really good. Really funny and gets the parties and games hyped up really well. Has his own style which we like. Also a nice guy, got a chance a couple of times to talk to him and introduce ourselves. He will also be our CD in March as well.
- The size of the ship is amazing!! Bigger sometimes is better. The layout is somewhat the same yet somewhat different. Also the decor throughout the ship is amazing.
- The Lanai is really cool with it being all outside and wrapping around the ship. Very quiet most times and very relaxing.

- Computer system at the port was down for the Sail and Sign cards. We had to wait for them for almost 2 hours. Once we finally got them we waited next to the zone entry (we were zone 3). So we waited then we saw a woman with no zone card or anything walk up to the security manager and asked where they get the zone card, so he said nevermind and let them through. So we went up and said we are zone 3 (they were on zone two) can we go, he said no they were vip. Which we thought to ourselves vip would not be over here with this section. So he saw that we got really annoyed then let us on.
- Room service we ordered on the last night and it took almost 3 hours to get to us. We tried to call after an hour or so to cancel and I was on hold for about 10 minutes. When we finally got the order it was messed up.
- Dinner service in the Main Dining Room on the first night was a wreck. The servers got some of the table numbers wrong so we had to switch a couple of times. Also the lenght of the dinner was a lot longer then normal, usually it takes an hour or so. This time almost two.
- Our Muster Station was in the Club O2, which was a first for us. Usually we are outside on the deck. Anyways it was a good location and a bad one at the same time. The good part is we could hear the instructions clearly and easily. Bad part is not everyone followed directions on to get into the club and stay, not walk around the halls.
BlueIguana Tequila Bar
Much like on the Carnival Glory, just another addition on the Fun-Ship 2.0 upgrades.

Blush Dining Room
A very elegant and very beautiful main dining room.

Bonsai Sushi
Here is a new twist on the newer Carnival ships. Here is a new concept to enjoying sushi. Unlike other ships you actually have a small fee on the menu. Each item ranges in price. You are also served while you eat. Don't be too upset with having to pay for sushi, there are options sometimes on the buffet and main dining room.

Breeze Atrium
The atrium is very colorful and has a great feel to it, as if you were in a hotel. Only real downfall is that it can become very cramp near the guest services & shore excursion desk. Reason being is there are railing around it to kind of enclose the area.

Breeze Ship Photos
Here are some great shots from around the Carnival Breeze.

Me with Butch our Cruise Director. Also with our Josh head.

Carnival Seaside Theatre
This class of ships have a three-level deck. Really does make each level its own, while being able to enjoy each in its own way. Plenty of areas to hangout and relax.

Cherry on Top
Much like on the Carnival Glory this is a really great place to get some snacks for shows and movies.

Cloud 9 Spa
Here are some great shots of the Spa. Really has a great relaxing feel to it.

Club O2 & Circle 'C'
Really awesome lighting and feel to the clubs. Unlike the other ships we have been on this also acted as our muster station.

Cucine del Capitano
This is the Italian restaurant on board. There is a fee at night however during the day there is no charge for the pasta buffet. It is located upstairs in the lido area.

Entertainment Parties
Here are some of the parties and entertainment on board the Carnival Breeze. Some of the additions that we had were pre-show entertainment, which was really cool. Also Hasbro the Game Show, where you get a chance to actually be the game and get chances to win some really great prizes.

Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse
This is the steakhouse on board, which a fee is required. This much like other ships is a must when you cruise. Nice and romantic or take your family and enjoy a great steak and a chilled glass of wine.

Fun Shops
Here are some shots of the Fun Shops. A different setup for them on this class.

Guy's Burger Joint
Did not get a chance to enjoy the burgers here with it only being a 2-Night cruise. However next time we will be sure to.

The Lanai
This is another great addition to the Dream class ships. It runs on the entire Promenade on both sides and back of the ship. Also available is Jimmy's C-Side BBQ, which was not open because of no sea ("C") days being available. Also several hot tubs that hang over the edge of the ship. Really amazing addition.

Library Bar
Enjoy a book and a drink. Located right outside the mid-ship main dining room. Never saw anyone in it.

Lido Marketplace
The Lido Marketplace is very different from the other ships we have been on. Very unique and open vibe to it. Really looked great. So many different areas to eat and enjoy many various views. Also the food is served a bit difference from other ships. Really nice job with the decor.

Limelight Lounge

The entrance is pretty cool in this lounge. However it is noticeably smaller then all of the other ships we have been on.

Liquid Nightclub
This nightclub really does make you feel like a VIP when your in here. Great at night and the decor is really cool in here.

Nassau, The Bahamas (Port of Call)
This was our third time at this port. We got off for a second time here. It was not as bad as the first time. The area is slowly being improved and nightlife here really looked fun. However no where near a great port to be at.

Ocean Plaza
The Ocean Plaza has a lot of music and entertainment all the time. Really nice place to hangout and do some trivia or sit and enjoy the music with some old or even new friends.

Ovation Theatre
Here is the main show lounge. Very similar in style with the other ships. However the stairs to the sides are somewhat different.

Piano Bar 88
Unlike the other class of ships. This one is more open then the rest with a relaxing blue and white decor.

Pizzeria & Tandoor Station
Same as all of the other ships.

Plaza Cafe & Bar
The cafe offers some pastries and drinks along with some ice cream. All for a small charge.

Port of Miami (Homeport)
The Carnival Breeze was at port a day before. Which they had a party and viewing for travel agents. We were hoping to get on early since no passengers would be on board. That was not the case, we ended up waiting just as long. Also a big issue was the Sail and Sign cards had printer issues and the agents closed the desks and everyone was getting the cards handed to them one by one. Which was a pain. Also the security manager was a really piece. We were already annoyed at waiting and chasing down all the reps for our cards. Then we were Zone 3. So we waited right up front and a woman and her husband came with no zone card and she asked the man where to get one and he said don't worry about it just go on. So we went to go on as well since he just let them on and he said "No they were VIP". Which was a complete lie. We had a couple of words to him, so after a minute or two he saw how aggravated we were and let us on.

RedFrog Pub
This is not a bar out on the lido deck, but a indoor (also on the Lanai) pub. Really great atmosphere and really great crew there to help you enjoy it.

RedFrog Rum Bar
This is the lido deck bar. Here are some of the pictures.

Sapphire Dining Room
This was our main dining room. During showtime the lights on the ceiling light up with different colors. Really looks amazing.

Serenity Deck

A bit different from the other ships. Still a nice area for adults away from the kids.

Sports Square
The sports square is filled with so many different things to do. There is still the traditional favorites like mini golf and basketball. Also a new ropes course. All very much fun.

The Taste Bar
We got a bit more information this time around, not much though. They do offer on most if not all nights different items sometimes from the steakhouse. Just some small samplings.

Thrill Theater
There is a one time price for the duration of your cruise or a pay by viewing. We did not get a chance to check it out. They have short versions of movies and the seats and area inside will interact with the things that are happening in the movie.

Tides Pool & Bar
A different setup then the Conquest or Destiny class of ships. It is a lot nicer and more open.

Water Works
What would a ship be without one of these. Much like a Disney resort you have all the best things about a water park on the deck. With it being a shorter cruise we did not get to have our fun in this yet.

Winner's Luck Casino & Bar
A unique twist to this casino is the promenade goes right in the middle of the casino, which isn't the best idea when kids are running everywhere.

Wok Station
The wok station is also on the Carnival Breeze.


  1. whoa... I can't wait to get on my cruise in November... it will be the 1st anniversary cruise for Breeze.... can't wait until Thanksgiving...

    1. Cruise Addict JunkieApril 3, 2013 at 5:57 AM

      Have a great time!!!

  2. thanks for sharing!! I'm going on thi ship in two weeks. Great site :)

    1. Cruise Addict JunkieApril 3, 2013 at 5:56 AM

      Have a great time!!!

  3. Leaving on the Breeze June 16 for my daughters high school graduation present as well as my other daughter turning 13 on the 17th. Can not wait it looks amazing....Thanks for sharing. As it seems that you cruise more than most do you know if they would do anything special for my daughters birthday....just wondering. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      If you call up Carnival and tell them that you are celebrating a birthday, they will have a cake for them one night during dinner service.

      Cruise Addict Junkie

  4. Hello, I've been looking into cruising to the Bahamas in November and to have my wedding in Nassau, Bahamas. I'm honestly pretty afraid to chance having my wedding then because November being the end of hurricane season. I've heard that cruise cancellations are extremely rare but I'm mainly concerned about severe storms that can change itinerary. I plan on calling Carnival/ Carnival Weddings about how they handle weddings with changed itinerary. But I would just like to know YOUR personal experience with the weather on your two trips to the Bahamas. I could be having an irrational fear here, but I would just like insight from others. Thank you.

    1. Cruise Addict JunkieJune 14, 2013 at 7:25 AM

      Hi! Sorry for the late reply. Bahama weather much like everywhere can change in the matter of minutes. We have a saying here in Florida, if you don't like the weather just wait five minutes. For the most part we had really nice weather during our Nassau days. Maybe one or two overcast and rainy days. I would recommend calling Carnival and getting even more information about it.

  5. hi there

    we have been on the glory a couple times in the past and know what to expect with her - we have always had a good time- however we are cruising with new cruisers in February we are all late twenties! and the breeze looks pretty cool- I am just worried with all the great stuff and water park it will be over run with kids/ really crowded everywhere on sea days - on the glory it never felt overly crowded- did you notice a large difference ? thanks a lot :)