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Celebrity Constellation (Feb 2014)

Celebrity Constellation

Celebrity Constellation
4-Night Bahamas
02/27/2014: Ft Lauderdale, Florida
02/28/2014: Nassau, Bahamas
03/01/2014: Sea Day
03/02/2014: Key West, Florida
03/03/2014: Ft Lauderdale, Florida

"Wow what a feeling!"
Here we are on our second trip on the Celebrity Constellation. This time instead of taking a short two night cruise to the Bahamas we doubled our time and headed out on a four night. Okay it wasn't long enough but just had to get away for a few days. Speaking of Getaway, we got an up-close view of Norwegian's newest ship the Norwegian Getaway, which once we booked I (Patrick) got very excited about this!

Back to booking, we had no plans on cruising until later on in the year. Somehow when an amazing heal comes along we just have to book. We look just about every day and Constellation was a ship that if we could do again we would in a heartbeat with no questions asked. So we had originally booked an interior room, then kept calling and checking for a cheaper room or a free upgrade. We finally got an Oceanview cabin for only $40 more for the both of us to upgrade into. So just and FYI on trying to get a "free" upgrade, don't waste the time, they will call you if anything opens. So unless you see it online for a great price, odds are you're not getting one. Speaking of booking, we did the Oceanview guarantee, which means we're guaranteed an Oceanview stateroom, and one can be assigned up until the day of booking. We got it about 3 days before we set sail. We booked close to two weeks prior. So the "guarantee" means you have selected a cabin in that field (Interior, Oceanview, Balcony etc...) so you will receive one in that category or higher.

One of the hardest parts of cruising is the wait, the wait from the point you book until the day that you leave for your cruise. It flew by for us up until that morning. We ended up working in the morning then leaving to head to the port in the mid-morning hours. Which when we went to the port (Port Everglades) we were in the terminal and on the ship in no time. In case anyone is wondering we did park at the terminal and it is $15 per day. We were in the same exact terminal as we were for Ruby Princess which was our last cruise back over Christmas (2013). When we checked in at the counter in the port terminal Christine was given a single red rose, no idea why but it was a nice beginning to our cruise.

Onto the ship, once we boarded we were greeted by Lisa, who is the concierge on the ship, who took us to Michael's Club, which is a lounge for the higher up Captain's Club members. Once there we met a new friend of ours Bruce, who happens to be the Captain's Club Host. At first he was quiet, but after meeting us that quickly changed and we became instant friends. Once there we were treated to a nice lite lunch and then headed up to the pool and checked out the buffet.

When we got back we were able to head down to our cabin, roughly around 1pm. There we met one of the most amazing, and hardworking people on the entire ship. Here name was Jenefer Charles who was our stateroom attendant. She was so amazing, we saw her day and night and if we needed anything she was there. She did everything possible to help ensure that we had and absolutely stunning cruise, which we did. Highly, highly praise her for her amazing work, already let Celebrity know what a great hardworking person they have working for them.

I will go into detail with all aspects of the ship below, but overall the ship was even better the second time around. Only thing that it lacked was the amount of things that were offered to do during the daytime. Other than that they treated us like a king and queen for the entire trip start to finish. Fresh flowers in the stateroom, dinner with the Captain and Hotel Director to the bridge tour and Captain's Club Lounge. We would rate this cruise a 9 out of 10, again the only downfall for the most part was the lack of things to do during the day time, mostly in port.

We have recommend this ship to several people and most of them have already booked due to our recommendation. If you're looking for a ship that isn't to small or too big this one is perfect for you. Great crew, just so friendly and happy the entire time. If you have not been on Celebrity yet this is one that you MUST do. So check it out! Time for the good and the bad.


- Too many of them! Seriously it was that great of a cruise, so that is a MAJOR plus!
- Variety of food, food everwhere and at several different areas throughout the ship.
- The Solarium was one of the main reasons we re-booked this ship again. Always a great time in this wonderful, kid free area.
- Decor of the ship did change from the last time that we were on her. New carpet here and there as well as a few new decor pieces like plants and paintings. Also several new chairs that had been replaced. The ship went into dry dock after we went on last year.
- Live music was being played all around the ship, very enjoyable.
- Staff was very friendly and very attentive.
- Ocean Liners Restaurant was absolutely amazing we highly recommend going. If you go, see Luis he was amazing!
- Bridge Tour was a lot of fun, which they brought us around more, but still great!
- Very laid back and relaxed atmosphere on the entire ship.
- Cafe al Bacio was a great feature on this ship, make sure to check out the free cookies, pastries and other desserts that change daily. I loved the Berliner!
- Captain's Club host Bruce was absolutely great and was so kind to us the entire time. Hope we didn't bother him too much!
- Dinner with the Captain was an experience line nothing else.
 - Production shows were really good along with the magic of Michael White and the added twist of Mongolian contortionist Hulan.
- Thumbs up for the Martini Bar & Crush, nice to have a couple martinis!
- Casino, well for once in a long long time has made it to the pro section. We lost, but we only played a very small amount. Since we had an amazing cruise, we had no need to be here!
- Guest Services staff was very great and always there to resolve any and all issues.
- Key West we were docked in the easy area, weather was perfect!
- In Nassau we got our first look at the brand new Norwegian Getaway, such a large and beautiful ship. By the noise they were making you could tell how much fun they were having.
- Not being hounded to buy a drink every two seconds by the staff was nice. Only got offered maybe once or twice, good to know that they don't think like every other line we been on.
- The homeport (Port Everglades) was quick and easy for both coming and going.
- Captian's Club cocktail hour everyday was a lot of fun and relaxiontion before dinner. Free drinks and soda to choose from, along with passed around apps.
- Liquor tasting didn't have too many people which made it very nice. However the shots were about 1/4 of a regular one, but still they didn't mind refilling.
- Stateroom 2089 was an Oceanview and very spacious. With a small desk, and pull out bed. Fresh flowers, bottled water and wine in our cabin everyday.
- Stateroom attendant Jenefer was amazing; she went above and beyond for us.
- Deck party had something different, the singers and dancers doing a routine around the pool area, something really cool. Too bad the actual party wasn't as enjoyable.
- Tuscan Grille for the Captain's Club members for breakfast was, enjoyed waking up to some pastries, smoothies and other good things to enjoy.

- Daily activities, mostly during port days. We realize they want us to get off the ship, but they have to keep in mind that not everyone goes and we do enjoy having something to do during the daytime.
- Rain in Nassau when we arrived along with winds which delayed most of the other ships that were in port with us.
- Reservations fill up quick for the Specialty Restaurants, so book early.
- Didn't like that the Cinema, although we didn't have a chance to use it last time, it was still something to do. Also having an option to go and see a movie would have been nice to do.
- No comedy show, which we usually have on a cruise. No reason why, but greatly missed!

AquaSpa & Solarium
In thirteen cruises we have never been in the pool on the first day until now. We just couldn't help but not to go in the Thalassotherapy pool. Such a great feeling towards the entire body. They use the ocean water since it is supposed to be very healthy for the skin. On both sides of the pool you will find areas to sit back and relax, just like a recliner but in a pool. The sounds of the four fountains on each side of the pool will help eliminate the unwanted outside noise. Only thing we didn't really care for was the lack of maintenance inside the actual pool, several stains inside that were very visable. Still a great place to be, usually crowded later in the daytime after lunch on most of the days. Several hot tubs are also available for use. The AquaSpa serves a lite lunch in the AquaSpa Cafe for a few hours a day at no additional charge. Best part about this place, no kids are allowed! Really didn't notice any at all come to think about it around the ship. Maybe one or two but not many. None of the teen gangs either, you know they midnight crawlers that roam the ship late at night.

Bistro on Five

Tons to eat here, yet for a second time we didn't have a chance to dine here. It is only $5 per person and the place always had a few people eating here. Next time for sure we will try it out, the food does look amazing from the pictures we seen online and the few plates we saw.

Dining here is only for the AquaClass members only. However since we have to see every part of the ship we roamed on in during the day when it was empty. We saw it again online and looked very eye appealing. The restaurant serves more healthier choices that are all SPE certified. SPE is a unique certification and consulting program that defines a new way to eat by enhancing the nutritional quality of meals, without compromising taste. Breakfast and dinner for those guests are served here.

Café al Bacio & Gelateria
Tons of specialty coffees and pastries to enjoy here. Always a place to sit and relax while enjoying the surrounding areas of the ship. Starting off at Cafe al Bacio which is on the Starboard (Right) side of the ship is always brewing up something good or if you want get a spiked drink, which is just as good. Make sure to try one or all of the pastries, which change a bit daily. On the Port (Left) side of the ship the Gelateria is the spot for some really delicious ice cream. Both sides do charge a fee, however the pastries and desserts at the Cafe are free to enjoy, for free ice cream head on up to the buffet.

All above selections are free of charge. The item on the bottom left is the Berliner, love it so much. Wanting a few of them right now!

Captain’s Club
Bruce is the Captain's Club hose and he did an amazing job at that. From the start we knew he was going to be someone we were going to be seeing a lot of. We saw him a lot around the ship and we stalked each other everywhere, not in a bad way either. Even paid him a visit every time we saw him at his desk, just to say hi or chit chat for a few seconds. We told him to keep in touch and we will try out best to cruise with him any chance we get on Celebrity. If you see him around make sure you tell him that we say hello!

Bruce and Patrick

Bruce and Christine

Captain’s Dinner & Bridge Tour

We were surprised by Bruce when we handed us an invitiation to have dinner with the Captain. We had no idea why out of all the other passengers how we ended up on the top list chosen. Either way we were honored. We all met before dinner at Cellar Masters where we all (10 people, including us) sat down at a large table and enjoying some Hors d'oeuvre's and wine. We all got to talking and getting to know one another and the Captain himself Nikolas Christodoulakis & the Hotel Director Chris Scaliotis came to the table and intoduced themselves to us. From there we walked to through the Main Dining Room (San Marco Restuarant) and went to the main table. As we were walking I couldn't help but notice that all the eyes were on me...SORRY! I meant us! It really was an experience like none other. We all had our own name tags where we sat and we were seated directly across from the Captain. I was impressed with how social and talkative he was with every person at the table, not leaving one person out of the conversation, as well as the Hotel Director. At one point he told us all, after talking to each one of us individually, our names and where we were all from, who we traveled with and one thing about why we are here. Dinner itself was stunning from start to finish, great menu and excellent service. On to the bridge tour! I always wanted to take a tour of the bridge and I guess the number 12 was a "lucky" number for us when it came down to the amount of cruises we had. So heading back to the room after dinner with the Captain we had a letter on our door, the letter was another invitation to take a tour of the bridge the next morning. We all met the next morning and when through a security check before entering. Once we got in we met one of the officers of the bridge and he took us on a tour of the port side (left) of the bridge. We didn't move too much further past that one point unfortunately, however still a great chance to see something I always wanted to see. The Captain came out towards the end of the tour to say hello. He asked why we didn't get a picture last night with him like we wanted, I said we will next time around the ship. We didn't get a chance to get that picture. Maybe next time. Again a really great person.

The Captain's Table

Celebrity Constellation Ship Photos
The Celebrity Constellation came out in 2002 and is 965 feet long with a gross tonnage of 91,000. She is able to hold approximately 2,170 passengers and 1,000 crew members. She was last updated in 2013 after we had sailed on her the first time. You notice a few things here and there that were different from the last time. Maybe a new painting, maybe new chairs and carpets. It was an amazing ship before and still continues to be one of the most beautiful ships we have been on so far. The Celebrity Constellation is part of the Millennium Class, which is combined of the Millennium, Infinity, Summit & Constellation. If you are looking for a great cruise, this ship should be on your list. Never felt too crowded at any point and Celebrity does a great job that every guest is a top priority.


Celebrity Theater
We noticed this time around that there was not a bad seat in the house, every seat gives you an amazing view of what is happening on stage. On the second night before the first production show the Captain held a welcome toast for the entire theater. Everyone received a glass of champagne and the Captain came out with several members of all the different departments on the ship and introduced each one and then did a toast. Very nice. Our first production show was iHollywood which was sine if Hollywood's most beloved musicals that came to life on the big stage. The show was just as good the second time around. The second night we had White Magic, with the award winning UK Magician/Illusionist Michael White and the added twist of Mongolian contortionist Hulan who is from the Mongolian State Circus and Blackpool Towel UK. The show was amazing, we sat on the side to try and foil the tricks. Nope that didn't work at all. The show was unbelievable and one of the best we had ever seen. Our last show was Celebrate the World, which celebrates music and dancing from different countries from around the world. One thing we didn't care for was with this show was that at certain times the background will show where the country was where the song and dance was from. Other times it was not, very confusing at times. Loved the theater and always a place to sit.

Cellar Masters
We were here before the Captain's Dinner sitting at the large table placed in the middle of the area. This is a great place to sit back and have a glass of wine which is self-served in increments of 1/3, 2/3 & a full glass of wine. They may or may not do bottles of wine, not to sure about that. A bar is also located nearby. Well on a cruise ship a bar is always located nearby, hmm...I think I saw one also on our deck. Just kidding, they have not come out with one of those yet!

Conference Center
On our previous cruise on the Celebrity Constellation, the ship had a cinema that played movies along with three conference centers. Now just the conference centers which were updated but didn't look as good as before. I think it was a bad move to get rid of the cinema. Everyone has their own opinions on that one, but I like a place on a ship that I can go and watch movies.

Crush & Martini Bar
Every day that the ship had people on these two places were packed! We went here one night for a couple of martinis. Didn't get a chance to see the bartenders do anything crazy like we seen online and in pictures. Still nonetheless a great time is always happening here, only downfall is the size of the area. This place tens to get packed and due to the Grand Foyer being right there it makes it so much harder for people to pass by.

Fortune’s Casino
Last time this place was very cramped and hard to navigate to some machines. This time, same thing! the casino is a bit on the small side with a ton of machines in it, if they got rid of a quarter (I know that won't ever happen) then it would be more comfortable. This was also home to our muster station, which went by quick. So much better than sitting in the South Florida hear for an hour waiting for the drunks to get there with the kids and drinks in hand. In case anyone is wondering how we did , well we did goof. Didn't win anything but didn't really play much at all compared to every cruise we been on. Just didn't have the urge or need since the cruise was going so well and we were always busy doing something.

Grand Foyer
As soon as you walk onto the ship you are greeted with champagne and the Grand Foyer, which spans from decks 3 to 5. It is very gorgeous to look at and taking pictures from anywhere will capture an amazing shot. 

Guest Services & Shore Excursions
The Guest Services staff was more than accommodating, not only with us but everyone. We did over hear them give another family an additional room since they needed a bit more room. I'm sure they had to pay but the fact that they did that without a problem says a lot about them. We didn't have any shore excursions planned so we didn't have any use for that area, nor ever saw anyone there.

Key West, Florida (Port of Call)
Key West is known for being one of the most relaxing and laid back placed around and it sure is. We got off here mostly to stretch out our legs and take a walk around this beautiful city. We walked around and took a ton of pictures for a few hours and enjoyed our time very much. We were the only ship in port which was good, but many tourists were also around from the local resorts. As we left the sunset was just amazing. Next time we will do an excision somewhere. Since this is the Keys it is all water activities and some historical sightings. That is mostly what is available as far as shore excursions go.

I went in and took a few pictures and walked up the stairs to the Internet Cafe. I had a picture of the cafe but it didn't make the final cut of pictures. Sorry about that, please enjoy the library, but be quiet!

Mast Bar
One of the many bars near the pool is the Mast Bar. Very tight spot in front of the bar, but the back is roomy along with another part to the bar. Also a great place to get some quiet times when you can. An overhang is pictured so you won't get too burned here from the steamy sun.

Michael’s Club
This is where they put us once we boarded the ship. Other than that we came here one other time for karaoke. It is a very dimmed lit lounge with a bar in back. Lots of different drink selections offered such as 64 international craft beer selections including ales, lagers, lambics, ciders, wheat beers, seasonal and beer cocktails. A great complement to an extensive collection of fine whiskeys, scotches, cognacs and bourbons.

Nassau, Bahamas (Port of Call)
Our first port was Nassau, as you know by now we never get off here, so this day was no different. The rain didn't persuade us in getting off the ship either. Only thing that tempted me the most to get off was the arrival of the Norwegian Getaway which as you know is Norwegian Cruise Lines newest ship. It indeed is massive, at over 144,000 tons she is truly one of the largest ships out today. Still not nearly as large as Royal Caribbean's beast of the Seas (Allure and Oasis) but still a very large and beautiful ship. We got a ton of pictures from our ship of the Getaway along with some other ships in the port. In the morning at breakfast we were told that several other ships were delayed due to high winds and rain, the Carnival ship (might have been the Carnival Fantasy) was behind us and took over 45 minutes to dock, it was going back and forth, from our view in the San Marco Restaurant we thought she would hit for sure!

Norwegian Getaway 

Disney Dream (Front) & Disney Wonder (Back)

Carnival Fantasy, Norwegian Getaway, Disney Wonder & Carnival Sensation

Just a great shot!

Ocean Liners Restaurant
Wow! What else do you want us to say about this place? The food was just amazing, cooked perfect and presentation was spot on. Well worth the price ($45) per person, hands down. We wanted this place last time but due to the time frame we didn't have a change to go, this time around we were glad we did. Luis, who was in charge of cooking our main entree and ensuring we had a great meal was doing an excellent job. If you go there make sure he takes care of you, he did a stunning job with the entire demonstration of our lobster main course and just everything else. One thing we didn't care too much for was the loud guests on the other end of the restaurant, they were the ones who have to make a dramatic entrance and don't ever shut up, sorry had to throw that in. Luckily that was towards the end of the meal. Here are some photos of the food we had along with the description of each, enjoy! Also available is a food and wine paring for $89 per person. It includes 5 courses (including dessert).

Diver Scallop Wellington Style
Baked in Puff Pastry; Black Truffle Emulsion, Spinach Fondue

Murano Lobster
Cognac Flambeed Warm Water Lobster Tail, Fresh Basil, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Dijon-Cream

Oceanview Cafe, Grill & Bar
The variety of food was good; however for us we really didn't find anything that we loved. For what the food was it was cooked perfectly just not what we enjoyed. Also you can find an Asian, Indian, Italian Pasta, Pizza & a Deli all nearby. Never once felt packed, a buffet is on both sides with the exact same things. Only downfall was the people who kept cutting in front of you to get something. Don't forget the free ice cream as you enter on one side and a drink station on the other with soft drinks and beer.

Penthouse Suite 6147
We're looking at booking this room for our 5 year anniversary. After doing some research on different lines and rooms we found that the Celebration Constellation had a very large suite. The interior is appoximately 1,432 square feet and the outside Verandah is 1,098 square feet, so it was huge! So I said to Christine before the cruise what if we went to the room and see if they would give us a tour of the room. We both were hesitant and put ourselves in their shoes if the situation was reversed. So we knocked on the door, they were kind enough to let us in and checking it out. If you guys are reading this, thank you again for letting us in! It really was a very nice room, still felt a bit on the cramped side, and the outside was very windy where being out it at night trying to enjoy yourself would be a bit on the hard side. Also the tub outside isn't big enough for two. Still an absolutely gorgeous room, which also comes with a butler.

Photo Gallery
Which reminds me, I never went back to look at my picture that I took. Oh well, it will just go to someone else.

Port Everglades (Homeport)
Not a huge fan of this port since it is mostly all warehouses, but they are quick on letting you on the ship and that is what is mostly about right? Parking here is $15 per day compared to $20 per day at PortMiami. We parked and got on the ship in about 30 minutes, very fast. Once we arrived back from from our amazing trip we were in port with two other classes of Celebrity Ships. The Solstice Class (Celebrity Equinox), Millennium Class (Celebrity Constellation) and the Century Class (Celebrity Century). not many people care but for me I enjoy seeing the different classes of ships that one line has. When we were in Nassau we saw half of Disney's fleet (Dream & Wonder), which are two different classes. Again I'm strange and just enjoy seeing things like that. I'm the person who thinks a ship entering her homeport for the first time is better than the Superbowl!

Reflections Lounge
The lounge is one of thee most beautiful ones we ever been in. It gives you an unreal look around at the outside world. Tons of private functions including the Captain's Club Hour which was from 5pm to 7pm every night and they offered us complementary drinks and lite appetizers. Perfect little mood enhance before dinner. Also hosted the Oscar viewing party, which we didn't attend.


Rendezvous Lounge
Music and dancing nightly was the form of entertainment here. Perfect location between the Grand Foyer and the San Marco Restaurant. Hung out here a few times, not for long though.

 San Marco Restaurant

This is the main dining room onboard the Celebrity Constellation. It is two decks high and very eye catching. The lower level is for fixed seating, which can be set for 6pm to 8:30pm and the upper level is for select dining which is anywhere from 5:30pm to 9:30pm. We had the select dining option. We are usually first to dinner every night anyways, but just in case we like having the option to come in whenever. You always have an option to be seated with others like always, try it out never know who you will meet. We dined here three out of the four nights, one night being with the Captain and Hotel Director. Food was good, not as good as last time. We learned not to cruise for the food, just our opinion though. Again the food was cooked fine and nothing was under or overdone, just some items we didn't care for too much this time around.

Sports Deck
For the size of this vessel, being able to put a full sized basketball court was impressive. We see larger ships with little to no room for one. I ended up taking pictures during the day in Nassau and went to shoot some hoops, the third one I threw in the net (actually 1st one I got in) got stuck! So there went my game, but again a lot of room on this deck t enjoy yourself.

Oceanview Stateroom 2089
What a nice and cozy room! I do have to say I'm not a general fan of the layout of the rooms, it does become very confusing if you don't pay any attention and most people don't. We did get lost at which way tot go (not the odds and evens either). Most ships you can see from one end of the ship to the other. It just breaks down into sections, as well as most of the ship as well. The Celebrity Theater I was walking to what I thought was an exit which turned out to be someone's office. Back to the room, our stateroom steward Jenefer was amazing! Such a great woman with a huge heart on her. She did everything to ensure we had an absolutely superb cruise. Fresh bottles of water and wine every day without asking. We saw her just about every time we went in the hallway, day and night. The room itself was an Oceanview category, very well lit. Both the room and bathroom could have used a little bit more shelving units, lots of places for storage of things but one can easily forget them in there. Speaking of the bathroom, good size and just enough space to move around comfortably. The desk we had we just wish it was a bit bigger. Having an ice bucket and a few other things really took up all the space on it. The window did have a generous area where you can put a wet bathing suits to dry or some other things that you don't mind taking on some heat from the outside. The room did keep very cool, took a few minutes but eventually we found ourselves raising the air to make it warmer in the cabin. Would defiantly get this room again. Room service menu is limited, below are some of the options.

The Emporium & Future Cruise Sales
Shopping aboard the ship is key for each cruise line to lure guests in and buy. Wither you want a Guess purse or a shot glass souvenir you can find just about anything in the shops. We ended up with a t-shirt which was very similar to one I got on Carnival. Which I have to say the cruise lines need to get together and come out with similar things that are available on each cruise line. Other shops include a liquor store, jewelry store and perfume shop.

The Pool Deck
The pool never seemed to be full, no matter the time of day. Most people sat around lounging and taking on the Caribbean rays. The water was a bit on the cool side, but to our neighbors to the north in Canada, they loved it! The top deck has more seating and a jogging track. During the party the singer and dancers of the Celebrity Constellation did a short show on the pool deck, it was actually really cool. The parties were not parties like Carnival has but still enjoyable to watch for a bit.

Tuscan Grille
We didn't get a chance to dine here however heard nothing but amazing things about this venue. It was $35 per person. The only time we were here was in the morning time for the Captain's Club breakfast, wasn't anything big but still a very nice setup.

United States Coast Guard
Unfortunately from time to time a passenger becomes ill on the ship. We had received an announcement during dinner about us possibly heading into PortMiami to drop off a passenger since they had become very ill. After dinner we went outside to see where exactly we were, we saw other ships and saw Miami way out in the distance. We ended up stopping then seeing flashing lights coming our way. More and more people came out to see what was happening. Finally the USCG (United States Coast Guard) arrived by our ship and came on board. Several minutes later some passengers appear with their luggage and head onto the USCG's boat, then out came the woman whom was ill. The following day the Captain advised to everyone that she was in the hospital and in stable condition. Not sure what happened, but we wish them the best of health.

Wine Cellar
Originally we thought this was where the Captain's dinner was being held, which would have been a perfect location. Next time we have to find a way inside of here, just looks like a great place to enjoy a meal, especially in the Ocean Liners Restaurant. Only negative is the door which is often used by the crew.


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